Jean-Michel Basquiat

7/05/2015 04:00:00 PM

I normally wouldn't take photos under the 12 o'clock high noon sunlight, what with the insane heat the sun brings that scorches your skin as soon as the light touches you, the buckets of sweat you'd be able to collect, and the "unflattering" shadows that can be created when you're exposed to shooting during this time of the day. But on the day we took these photos, I made an exception. 

It's a miracle I still managed to look presentable in these photos, tbh. Kenny and I didn't wanna dawdle that afternoon and he wanted to take my photos for me (he insisted, surprisingly, lol) as soon as we got to the mall so it wouldn't interrupt our Game of Thrones season 5 marathon scheduled later that day (we watched till episode 8 when these photos were taken). We shared a nice Japanese dinner after that epic marathon so it's totally a win-win for me. 

The sun was playing a game of hide-and-seek with the clouds when this session happened since the clouds were slowly threatening to pour rain any minute. Inconsistencies with the light was a bit of a challenge (aside from the annoying humidity hovering). We were both a hot mess after spending a quick 15-minute photo session in the almost empty parking lot. But in the end, we were both really happy with the outcome. And hey, pizza for lunch, Game of Thrones marathon with coffee after, and a yummy Japanese dinner later that day? No complaints here.

Uniqlo SPRZNY Jean-Michel Basquiat top, Bershka bag, S&H shoes

Photos of me by Kenny.

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