Twenty Three

6/06/2015 08:00:00 PM

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of celebrating my twenty third birthday with my loved ones in a day spent just the way I wanted. We attended mass at high noon to start the day off simply being thankful that I have another year ahead of me, as well as twenty three full years filled with blessings in life already stamped onto my life resume to keep. Had a simple, inexpensive KFC lunch with my mom and Kenny before we roamed the mall checking out every store that caught my eye, and even stumbled upon an adorable TokiDoki exhibit (with an equally adorable Karl Lagerfeld statue as the main attraction). We got some Cinnabons for take out as a mid-day munchie before going home to rest before dinner. Chilled on the sofa with le boyfie reading up on our travel letters that we exchanged from my recent Thailand trip till my brother picked us up for a semi-late dinner with the rest of my family at one of my favorite sushi places in the city. It was a day full of bliss; nothing extravagant. Just me, surrounded with the people I love on a relaxing day, just the way I liked it. Happy birthday to me, indeed!

Sunnies Studios sunnies, Forever 21 necklaces, Stradivarius bag and shoes

Photos of me by Kenny.

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  1. Aww! Thanks Sylvia! It was a day spent just the way I wanted. No fuss, but super fun ^ u ^


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