Travel Diaries: Orlando 2014 - Magic Kingdom

6/03/2015 11:42:00 PM

Last stop for my Orlando Travel Diaries from last July 2014 is none other than Magic Kingdom! This park has over 6 different areas you can visit and have a different theme in each one. Of course, my family and I didn't get to go to all the areas (what with it being the height of summer and everyone - literally everyone - was there as well, time constraint was indeed a factor in our one-day trip to this specific park), but we did go to a handful of them as well as snap a few photos of meet-and-greets and events along the way.

Like any Disney World park, Magic Kingdom has the ever famous Cinderella's castle marking the middle of the whole theme park. The castle itself has a lot going on inside. They have character meet-and-greets positioned in the outer areas of the castle, a restaurant, and even a "Princess room" where kids can be turned into their favorite princesses (I kept seeing a lot of little Belles and Elsas around the park thanks to this room).

This is what you see over at the other side of the castle coming from the entrance. Cinderella's merry-go-round is the perfect area where you can spot loads of Princess meet-and-greets mainly because characters love walking around this area when they go to their designated photo-op spots around the park.

You can cool off waiting in line to meet Anna and Elsa, as well as Rupunzel and Cinderella in one of the houses here. While waiting, we saw some really pretty portraits of the well-loved Disney ladies on the walls.

We spotted Merida near the side area of the castle on our way out, so I had a photo taken with her. She's so pretty~ *cue heart eyed emoji*

I waited for this little rabbit for a photo because I wouldn't let myself get away with not having one taken while I visited the Alice in Wonderland area. Alice can be found for photo-ops over at EPCOT though.

The Beast's castle.

Be Our Guest is one restaurant I'd love to dine in hopefully in the future. It serves quite a number of dishes, and may come off a bit pricey but the ambiance and food are definitely fantastic.

No one, poses under the sun like Gaston!

My family bought a puzzle set of this that Kenny and I assembled last year. Now we have it framed and hanging in our dining room.

Her name does mean "beauty" after all.

At 12 noon, they have the Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Street party parade where a lot of the Disney characters would literally parade in floats and get down to dance alongside of you in the streets.

Totes mad for the Mad Hatter~

A few minutes after the parade ended, they had an event by the castle stage area! Seriously, if you're not busy riding their many rides in this place, you're busy snapping photos of shows and events! There's never a dull moment in this park.

Cinderella's Royal Table is like Be Our Guest, but this one's located at the back part of the castle. Definitely wanna dine here as well!

Buzz Lightyear has got to be the sweetest and most entertaining character in all the photo-ops I've been to. It pays to wait in line for him for a photo, I swear!

Ariel's looking gorgeous as usual.

Belle's village again. I love how each themed area in this park is near each other.

Duckies!!! They're so cute!!!

This is actually the new attraction the whole theme park was raving about, so naturally we had to ride it. It wasn't here 6 years ago the last time we visited the Disney theme parks, so we made sure to ride it this time. The line was hella long, and we waited for almost an hour and half for this ride, but I have to say it was worth the wait. I loved how they had mini entertainment areas you can take part in while in line. No worries though, as much as this is a roller coaster, there are no loop-de-loops so if you're just in it for a simple adrenaline rush, this ride's your bet.

More duckies!!!

Later that day, mom was feeling hungry (and hot) from all the walking. And when mom says she's hungry, we all settle in for a nice mid-day snack. Fortunately, we happened to pass by Storybook Treats on the way to Adventureland before we went to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

I seriously can't get enough of these cuties. Look at 'em go! EPCOT might have had a number of bunnies hopping around the park towards sunset, but Magic Kingdom had way more ducks than I've ever seen in any park I've been to, lol!

Everyone's getting ready for the nighttime events.

The electric parade happens at around dinner time, and everyone takes their places waaaay before the event actually begins. I loved how they have a nighttime parade. It's definitely something different to watch out for. A few minutes after this event is the much awaited park-closing fireworks display that you definitely have to watch out for. Can you tell who's who in this nighttime parade?

To say the fireworks display was spectacularly fantastic is an understatement. Disney is indeed the happiest place on earth. Just being there and relishing in the excitement of seeing all the familiar faces and places I grew up with makes me feel like I never grew up in the first place, and that at any age, we all can be a kid at heart again. I can't wait for the next time I get to visit this amazing place again. Though it may be the nth time I've been here, I'm never gonna be too old to experience the magic of Disney.

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