Puppies and Paper Clips

6/11/2015 12:12:00 AM

After not seeing each other for so long, my high school friends and I got to finally hang out and spend the day with each other (that lead to a much anticipated sleepover) a few weeks ago. I picked up Den-den from her place and we went to Makati together to meet up with our friends later that day. 

Circling Uniqlo stores during their then 3rd year Anniversary sale was cut short when we had to look for an ATM nearby. The search was curtailed shortly after the two of us got distracted by puppies roaming around the near Hush Puppies store where we could take photos with the little cuties to avail of a special 10% discount. I couldn't resist taking photos of them myself before one of them decided to tinkle in a nearby area, lol!

We eventually got to the ATM and went back to Uniqlo where we got to meet up with Alex and Mika, and later on with Sunny. After a little snack at a Vietnamese place, we grabbed some pretzels as takeout before we hitched a ride with Trisha to Salcedo Village for Mika's exhibit.

Paper Clips was Mika's first exhibit where she was one of many local artists who contributed pieces for the public to see. I loved seeing the variety of media and works that can help inspire me to build my portfolio more. Though the venue was quite small, I did get to snap a some photos before people started to hover too close to what I was taking photos of. Mika did a stunning black and white watercolor portrait inspired by Om Shanti Om, a Bollywood movie that the group has yet to see once Sunny gets a copy of it for us to watch.

After checking everything out, we grabbed some yummy cupcakes and hopped on Sunny's van that brought us to Megamall for some dinner and a movie. Alex and I watched Mad Max: Fury Road with the others for the first time (though everyone else has pretty much watched it already, they really wanted to watch it again, lol). After the movie, we crashed over at Sunny's place where we met up with Rach and typical LoL sleepover event ensued. That means, Bollywood/Blockbuster movie marathon with snacking and stories on the side. What a day~!

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  1. The puppies were simply adorable! <3 I was pleasantly surprised at the different art styles present in the exhibit too! Wish I could've taken more photos, but there were too many people hovering around and chatting that I couldn't just interrupt for a photo they were standing nearby, lol.


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