5/15/2015 09:19:00 PM

Last Labor Day, Kenny and I visited the Lego Exhibit over at Resort's World Manila. What was usually assumed to be about a 2-hour long, traffic-filled, "wake me up when we get there" kind of journey turned into a short-but-sweet 30-40 minute car ride. I have never been so thankful for a quick, no-traffic kind of long weekend ever (then again, I've been looking forward to any kind of Holiday these days)! We got to Resort's World (RW) at around 12:30pm and quickly whipped out my camera to take photos of all the Lego sets and figurines that were displayed there during the week-long exhibit (which I will be blogging about separately soon). We spent a good hour just ogling at all the great Lego sets as Kenny informed me of who he knew from the local Lego community built what set.

I was really amazed at the time and effort these people had to build all the sets that were present there. I myself experienced building Lego sets with Kenny and although it might look easy to do, somehow we always want to take naps after finishing a set. Brain-drain, probably? Lol. But for these people, they built more than just a few Lego sets. They built a community @_@

In any case, this was what I wore when I went to the exhibit. Something simple and casual as usual. It was blazing hot back then that Kenny and I had to go to the nearest form of shade whenever we check the photos he took for me or we'd melt onto the pavement. To this day I'm still thankfully surprised that I don't end up looking like how I felt whenever we take photos out under the super hot tropical sunlight. Then again, I'd take a cruelly hot summer's day than an insanely humid and cold stormy one.

Fifth Code cap, Sunnies Studios sunnies, Baleno shirt, Vintage shorts, Forever 21 bag, Stradivarius shoes

Photos by Kenny. 

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