Photo Diary: Lego Exhibit 2015 in RW Manila

5/21/2015 01:08:00 AM

Like I said in my previous post, Kenny and I visited the Lego Exhibit back during Labor Day that was held in Resorts World Manila. I really didn't know what to expect with the community as I'm not really immersed in it as Kenny has been (he said a lot of his fellow PHLUG members already posted in their groups on what to expect in the exhibit) so I guess he already had an idea on what we could see compared to my going in blind to this event. In my head, all I was expecting is of course, lots and lost of Lego sets and figs. And boy, was I surprised at just how many sets and figs were built for this event.

I took photos of every single set and group of figures while we were there that I was telling Kenny "I feel like I might end up getting carpal tunnel because of all this photo-taking." Lol. We spent a good hour and a half roaming around being all shutter-buggy as we tried to weave our way through all the families with their animated kids running around and calling out to their parents whatever figure/set they were familiar with. 

It was pretty amusing seeing that kind of scene unfold before us that we both ended up thinking if we were to have kids in the future who would be as much of a Lego fan as Kenny or these kids would be, this is exactly how we'd be in a Lego event: Me with my camera with my game face on and work mode on as I take photos of everything for me (for the blog of course) and Kenny (for the Lego community of course), while he shares his Lego info with our kids and tell them not to lean on the glass casing and not run around the area. Lolol. Hey, it's pretty probable~

In any case, I'll stop the back-story and let all the photos speak for themselves. The array of sets and diverse figurines that were displayed in this exhibit is quite remarkable, if I do say so myself. I must warn you though, the rest of this post is pretty photo-heavy. I'm serious when I said I took photos of everything there, because "everything is awesome" lol. Hope you get the feeling of seeing each and every Lego set/fig like you were there yourself! Enjoy!

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