Golden Hour + 3 important things to keep in mind when picking out what to wear to a wedding

5/28/2015 11:40:00 PM

In 23 years of living on this earth (as of writing this, at least), I can count the number of times I attended a wedding with one hand. Most of those times happened during what I would like to call my "Dark Ages" when my level of effort in dressing up came like a magnetic pole: positive or negative, i.e. either too much or too little. So when my aunt/godmother invited us to my cousin's wedding a couple of months back, only one question popped into my head "What will I wear??" I only knew 2 things based on the invitation they sent us: that the theme for the entourage was pink, and that the dress code was strictly formal. Bless their little hearts for giving a straight-to-the-point description of the dress code for this event. At least that gave me enough of an idea of what NOT to wear (though I love pink, I wasn't part of the entourage so I wasn't required to wear the color theme).

I had 2-3 weeks to think about what I needed to wear for this wedding. (Well, technically I only had 2 weeks since I was out on vacation for a week.) At first glance of my closet, I realized I needed to invest in more pieces that I can wear to formal events like weddings but can also be worn on a daily basis. So I did what everyone else would do in my situation... I Googled. Yes, I was that desperate for an idea clueless. I googled what to wear to a wedding, and I eventually got answers and was able to formulate a good outfit. My only concern at that time was, since I was stuck at work most of my days, I didn't have time to canvas personally at the mall. Thankfully the Universe hasn't conspired against me just yet as I scanned online catalogues before I planned to drop by their actual stores to make my purchases. A few days later, I was able to assemble this whole outfit on time. 

I'm pretty pleased with this ensemble if I can say so myself. I'm even more pleased that I can use every single piece that I have on here for other occasions as well. Another thing I was happy with? The fact that my mom took such awesome photos of me when we got to the reception area while waiting for my cousin and now cousin-in-law to arrive from their sunset photoshoot post-wedding ceremony. Guess I also had a little golden hour session going on myself. Makes me wonder though (a little hopefully) if this would be the start of many weddings I'd be able to attend in the future, heehee~

SM Accessories earrings, Forever 21 necklaces, Just G dress, Bershka bag, Charles & Keith shoes

✧✦    The 3 most important things I learned from Googling what to wear/what not to wear to a wedding:   ✦✧

1. Only the bride can wear white - obviously, unless the dress code states otherwise. Although you can wear white in the form of shoes and accessories.
2. Always wear something conservative - you should never wear something that would attract attention towards you and away from the bride and groom; it's not your wedding after all.
3. You can stray from the dress code, but not too far from it - if the dress code is confusing or dramatic/theatrical, you can always tone it down a bit to the basics so you won't spend so much on an outfit you can't wear after that specific event. Also, if they say the color theme is pink, that usually just goes for the entourage so you can dress up in peach, purple, blue, etc. just as long as you don't violate #1 and #2. But when in doubt, don't hesitate to ask the bride or groom. After all, it's their wedding and surely they wouldn't want anyone to dress wrongly/embarrassingly on their special day.

Photos by my mom.

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