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One of the things that makes me happy is eating really (good) great food that's worth the price. And since I'm transitioning this blog into something more than just a fashion/travel blog, I've decided to share with you a place my family and I love going back to whenever we're in the mood to celebrate a well-awaited occasion. After all, it's better to share your blessings, right?


My mom's always been a fan of Italian food. So much so that she always tells me that if she were to eat just one cuisine for the rest of her life, she said it would be Italian. "Pasta and Pizza forever please! Oh, and dessert right after, of course." is what she always says. So when my parents celebrated their 28th anniversary a couple of weeks ago, it was no surprise that mom picked one of her favorite Italian places to celebrate in.

Italianni's in Shangri-la's East Wing has got to be the best place to visit if you want quality service with equally great food. We were all surprised to see the bigger portioned servings in our orders since we already assumed what to expect (judging by the fact that other branches control their portions almost in the same manner, which is unfortunately smaller than the one we experienced in their Shangri-la branch). We're not one to complain though! The taste is as awesome as usual, and the serving is more than we could handle, so it's a win-win for us! Definitely gonna drop by this branch more often now after knowing this little tidbit.

Italian fritters stuffed with mozerella cheese with marinara sauce. Sicilian chicken salad.

Grilled pork chop au poivre for my dad.

Grilled pepper fish filet for my mom (her regular order).

Grilled salmon oreganato for Kenny.

Truffle checken and mushroom for my brother.

And Seafood risotto for me because I can never say no to good risotto.

My parents each got a free cup of coffee after the meal. Lucky them! Can't wait to go back to get my hands on their risotto again (because for some reason, there're very few Italian places that serve this specific dish), nom~

If you have an inkling for yummy good quality Italian food, I highly recommend Italianni's, especially their Shangri-la branch. Check out their website for more info as well!

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  1. Oh, everything looks delicious! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon


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