3/29/2015 06:31:00 PM

Apologies for my absence in the blogging world. Work has been keeping me busy lately, and sometimes I don't have time to take my outfits for the day due to the work load and time constraint (although my Instagram is pretty active). Fortunately though, I had the time (and friend) to take photos of my outfit for me when I was able to hangout with some of my high school friends one weekend! 

My blog and my personal style are both experiencing a transitional phase as of late. Since graduation last year, I've been trying to determine what kind of style I have now. Identity crisis? Not really. More like, adapting to the change; changing with the times. I'm already 22 years old (as of writing this at least) and I've obviously changed over the years since I started this blog. I'm definitely relating to that Britney Spears song these days since I really am "not a girl" anymore, but "not yet a woman" completely (at least, as far as I know) lolol. Not yet at the stage of paying all the bills, but I am a certified tax payer now, if that explains it better, haha!

In any case, with regards to my personal style, I've been drawn towards simple, minimalist, yet classy styles lately. So just a heads up, I'll be sporting a lot of that kind of fashion from now on (I hope). Although I'll always be a sucker for the laid back, lazy day look I've been so fond of ever since, so it's not gonna be much of a surprise if I'm seen in normal everyday clothes from time to time. We'll just see where this goes.

Meanwhile, for this ootd, I borrowed my brother's sunnies for the day. I got him some sunnies for his birthday last year in the same style as the one I have only with a different tint. Mine is green-ish while his is in a dark, almost-black shade of blue. Since his sunnies fit my outfit better, I opted to borrow his sunnies for the day. Hooray for siblings lending their stuff! \o/

Sunnies Studios sunglasses, Forever 21 necklace and bag, SM Woman top, Pazzo jeans, SM Store shoes, Disney watch

Thanks so much to Den-den for taking my photos for me again (after sooooo long!) Praying for more days off like these soon!

  (.   .)o

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  1. love the sunnies!! They look great on you (even though they're your brothers XD

    good luck on the transition! I'm totally with you. I trying really figure out what direction I wanna go with my blog now that I'm a graduating senior >__< Can't wait to see your classy, minimalist style though!

    Btw, for some reason, when I try to scroll on your blog, the page moves really fast. It's sort of hard to control! >__<



    Anna, Indeed

  2. Thank you Anna!! They totally remind me or the aviators Tom Cruise has been known to sport in Top Gun (which I'm dying to try dressing up as some day when I get the clothes to match, lol).

    Best of luck to the possible change you'll be experiencing! Transitioning periods are always a challenge, but a welcomed challenge imo ;)

    Ohh, I think the jquery-parallax code's the one doing that to my blog. It usually happens when you scroll heavily/fast through the page after it's loaded fully. I tend to scroll really slowly on my blog though so it doesn't scroll at lightning speed, haha! Sorry bout that. ^__^'

  3. waaa! that'd be so much fun :D that'd be a fun and interesting post to read~~

    Thanks!! Change will always be difficult :( but it'll make us all stronger!!

    I see XD I'll be more careful! I'm pretty reckless with my scrolling XD hahahaha :P


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