Denim, oh denim

1/26/2015 12:42:00 AM

First ootd post of the year! Can't really consider this as my first ootd of the year since this was something I wore last November while Den-den and I finished doing our holiday gift shopping before the malls started getting into "crazy sale" mode. In our country, we don't have Boxing day where there's just one crazy sale day for everyone to enjoy (or not). We kinda have a Boxing month. End of season sales usually last for about a month starting from the day after Christmas lasting throughout January here in Manila. Not so sure I'd divulge myself in these sales since they'd be selling old items that will be pretty much "so last season". But, I won't rule out the beauty and makeup department since makeup products don't usually have a particular season to follow (unless it's a certain color palette for shadows and lipsticks like Marsala or something). I'd probably be on the search for a nice bottle of foundation that fits my skin type next time I chance upon an opportunity to do so.

In any case, with regards to my outfit, I am still in love with this oversized/loose denim jacket that I got before 2014 ended. When it comes to denims, they're usually considered to be one of my no-fail investment items along with other basic items that should be in your closet. This oversized/loose denim piece was what I've been hunting for for months on end. Another one of my "as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to buy it" moments that I don't regret having. Oh denim, thank the heavens you haven't failed me yet.

Forever 21 jacket, rings, bag and socks, Happy Land Rilakkuma phone case, Next shirt, 17 Club skirt, Adidas shoes

PS: Thanks to Den-den for taking my photos for me! ♥

  (.   .)o

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  1. Oh, what a cute outfit! I love your skirt ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. awwww! cute outfit~~ :) love the oversized denim and skirt combo~

  3. Thank you Amy! It's one of my favorites ^_^

  4. Thanks Anna! XD I'm a sucker for this combo right now~

  5. Just found your blog on IFB and I love it! It's like stepping into a dream. Your style is so cute!

    Raissa | The Leather Fanny Pack


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