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12/24/2014 01:00:00 AM

Le boyfriend and I had our annual holiday/monthsary date last weekend over some lunch, some tea, and of course, some photos in between. This was the year I wanted to seriously take a couple photo for the holidays and be all cheesy and romantic with each other because, well, 'tis the season, right? Falalalala lalalala~

Ugh, bitter-sweet bangs/fringe. They always manage to go wild when I'm taking photos.

I've always wanted to have a milkshake date like in the old Archie comics. The 50's hold a special place in my heart since Kenny and I got closer during high school when their school's drama club (which I was also a part of) was doing a rendition of Grease in our senior year. And as fate brought it, we were each other's dance partners 95% of the time that even our choreographer was pairing us up (both on and off the stage) lol. 

Eating at Johnny Rockets was like the ultimate flashback to the 50's. Their smokehouse burger was so awesome, I'm craving for some as I type this @_@ I had the Chocolate Strawberry milkshake (right) while Kenny had the Chocolate Banana milkshake (left) along with the burger we shared. To top it all off, we got unlimited fries with all that. Gosh, my stomach was so full but so happy @.@

It was stressing me out a bit that the weather was bi-polar on that day. I knew it was cloudy but I was hoping it wouldn't rain long. Thankfully by the time we took these photos, the rain already passed.

Christmas nails! Check out my Instagram to know what I used to achieve this cute DIY nails!

Macarons have been so popular on social media. So much so that a lot of patisseries started making these lovely goodies themselves! I've never tried any of these before that I even asked my friends who've already eaten these a lot how it tastes (like seriously, what's the big deal with these that they have people flocking towards them?). Since Kenny hasn't tasted these yet either, I wanted us to have our first macarons together. We had tea time in TWG after taking photos for a late tea time and finally discovered why people love these little things so much. I ended up taking some home for my family to try. I'll probably treat myself to these when I really deserve it. They're a great gift to yourself for working so hard the whole year.

On Kenny: Penshoppe button down, Swatch watch, Uniqlo pants, Puma shoes
On Me: SM Woman dress, Disney watch, Forever 21 rings, SM Accessories bag, SM Store flats

I always have to convince him to smile for the camera. This is why I believe we're like Brown and Cony from LINE (aside from the fact that we associate each other with bears and bunnies). And in response he always annoys me first! Grr! Lol. It's love when you can get pissed off/annoyed at each other then laugh it off a few seconds later~ ♡

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you're having a good time celebrating with your loved ones as I am!

  (.   .)o

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  1. Awww, what cute photos! I love your nails, too. ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  2. Thanks so much Amy! ♥ It's amazing what nail art brushes, dotting tools, and a lot of determination can create, lol!

  3. You guys look adorable together!! Was smiling at the photos like a creeper HAHAHA! Great shots

  4. awww you guys look so cute <3

  5. My god, you two are so adorable together! The couple photos turned out super cute and the food you got looks mouthwatering! I love the dress you chose for the date, it's super sweet and suits you very well. I completely feel you with the fringe-struggle. It's so real. I'm so glad mine have almost completely grown out by now. :)


    Miss Blue Eyes

  6. lol omg creeper talaga? =)) Thanks Bea! XD

  7. Bacon + Cheese + Beef + Onion Rings = heaven on a plate @u@ Thanks a bunch, Elina! <3 I wished they had more colors available for this kind of dress though :( The fit-and-flare style makes me feel so feminine and classy XD My fringe will most likely surprise me with however it'll want to look like in my photos @.@

  8. wiiii kereen wit wiiw


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