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12/31/2014 05:41:00 PM

Last post for 2014! The year went by so fast, didn't it? It did for me. Finishing thesis, summer OJT, graduating with honors, traveling at a different season, and basically being able to find myself as an artist and a blogger. I can't say 2014 is the best year ever since I know 2015 and the other upcoming years can surely topple 2014 down with whatever may happen then. But I will say I learned a lot of things along the way (which I'll save when my blog turns another year older, harhar!)

Forever 21 headband, rings and socks, Disney watch, SM GTW top, Sneakers Avenue shoes

It's been a long-standing belief for us Filipinos (due to the Chinese heritage we have) that polkadots and circles are encouraged to be sported when greeting the new year to bring in some monetary/financial luck. Round shapes = coins = money after all. But I myself am quite hesitant to sport the polkadot pattern in the greater part of my outfit and end up looking tacky and over-done. And the worst time to look like that is definitely when bringing in the new year (don't wanna be getting onto a bad start now, do we?). So I figured I can wear polkadots and circles in a different, less-tacky way by sporting them on my nails instead! 

I did this nail art by myself since I always associated Minnie Mouse with her red and white polkadot dress and bow. She can surely pull off anything and make it look cute. I created this casual but cute (and according to Den-den and Rach, very Japanese-y) coordinate inspired by Mickey and Minnie and made sure my nails matched my outfit as well. I do hope that it gives you other options in sporting this lovable pattern. Nails can also speak a thousand words about you just as much as how your outfit does. There are a lot of ways to dress up your nails to match your ootd (which I've been trying to do for the past few months since I graduated) to spice things up a bit. You don't really need to excessorize whenever you dress up to be noticed. Nail art can be that added oomph to your ootd like any necklace, ring, or watch.

On a quick note, this Minnie Mouse top was originally a cropped top. But since I loved it as a shirt, I got it in a couple sizes bigger than my actual dress size to be able to cover my tummy at least. In some fashion moments, you can have your cake and eat it too ;)

PS: Thanks to Den-den and Rach for helping me take my photos! ♥

Till my next post!

Happy New Year Everybody~!!!

  (.   .)o

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  1. love your outfit, it is so cute! I love Minnie and Micky mouse! The clutch is especially cute!


  2. Thank you Amy! It was a bit of a challenge to paint but I liked how it turned out ^_^ Happy New Year! <333

  3. Thank you Cherri! Oh, it's not actually a clutch but a case for my smart phone, lol! I'll be featuring it again in my next ootd post :)

  4. you are so cute!! I love the headband and your nails :)


  5. Thank you Jessica! XD I wish my nails wouldn't grow that fast so I don't have to take off the nail polish after just a few days :(

  6. What a cute outfit! I love your nail art ♥
    Happy New Year!
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections


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