Cozy Burgundy

11/16/2014 10:08:00 PM

Eazy Fashion sunnies, SM GTW denim buttondown, Forever 21 knit pullover, Next denim shorts, SM Store bag, So Fab boots

What is it with Fall/Winter collections that just make me wanna get everything in every color they have?? If this sweater looks familiar, then it's because I wore something like it in a previous post but in an equally yummy color as this one (-edit- and others here and here). Lol, I wasn't joking when I said I bought them in every color. I mean, look at how burgundy/ox bloody this it! It's so magical~! *sparkle sparkle* lol.

Cropped sweaters aren't much of a turn-off for me anymore these days. I figured I could always find a way to style it according to my personal style (meaning, to not show my tummy even if it is a cropped top/sweater designed to bear your belly for everyone to see) based on how I want it to look on myself. For this particular look I chose to wear a sleeveless denim button-down under it for a nice preppy look that contrasts wonderfully with the redness of the sweater. I even went denim on denim with my shorts for a more cohesive vibe. To top off my laid-back look, I unearthed my adorable black boots for the perfect A/W feel. Looking at this ootd as a whole makes me think I'd probably wear something like this to the airport for a nice, cozy flight if I were a Hallyu star on tour, ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ trolololol~

PS: Thanks to Den-den for taking my photos again! ♥

  (.   .)o

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  1. What a lovely outfit! You look so sweet. :)
    Amy xx

  2. You always look so nice posing, Seeeeeph. =3= Still jelly you and Den-Den see each other. ;A;

  3. Lol, thanks Rae! <3 We usually take a lot of photos to choose from later on. And it also helps that Den-den knows how to direct me while she's taking my photos too so I can change some stuff that may look awkward on camera :))) Miss youuu!!!

  4. I love how you styled the sweater! It's such a pretty color. I just found your blog and absolutely love it! Can't wait to read your future posts :)


  5. Oh wow! That's so cool! Thanks so much Jessica! XD Hope to see you here often~ \o/


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