If I was a Rich Girl

10/23/2014 11:00:00 PM

Forever 21 sunnies, H&M necklace, Disney watch, SM GTW dress, SM Store Parisian bag, SM Store Chelsea heels

"If I was a Rich Girl, nanananananananananana~" Gwen Stefani sang it right. Well, I'm not like Richie Rich level of rich or even close to that. But when I do have those "I'm feeling rich" days, I'd probably dress like this. Classy, clean, sophisticated, yet youthful and fun (at least, I hope so, lol). This little white dress is my favorite dress to date since I can dress it however I want. My inner-artist is always giddy whenever I get to wear this, because it just literally emulates a blank canvas when I get dressed. The last time I took this piece out of the closet was back in July when I wore it for my graduation. Gosh, how time flies! But thanks to the simple and elegant design of this specific dress, it will always remain a classic piece that is most certainly a must-have in my closet.

White and gold will never go out of style and are a perfect combo that oozes with sophistication when you want to dress up for a day-time event. A simple gold chain necklace speaks volumes along with my uber cute Mickey Mouse watch that I got from my recent trip to the States. And just like they say, your nails speak volumes as well. So I decided to color coordinate my nails with this look while I was at it.

To keep things cohesive, I opted for monochrome pieces for my shoes, bag, and sunnies. Black never fails to add a dash of chic-ness to the outfit. Plus it's always a good contrast to anything white.

The key point of this outfit? My boyfriend's plaid polo that I borrowed for the day, of course! Instead of a denim jacket (for a super casual feel) or a blazer (for a super posh feel), I went for something in between, like a crisp boyfriend buttondown in a cool plaid blue to make a statement but also be able to blend well with the rest of the look. And instead of wearing it or letting it drape over my shoulders, I tied it around my waist for a more laid back feel. It also acts as a belt to cinch my waist in order to accentuate my frame. And it doesn't hurt that the plaid print and blue hue is a good balance from all the neutral and monochromatic colors as a whole either.

No body said looking rich was easy, lol.

PS: Thanks to Den-den for taking my photos! 

PPS: Feel free to watch Gwen Stefani sing to this song circa 2004. Yep, I officially feel old.

  (.   .)o

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  1. Lovely outfit! I love white and gold. :)


  2. What a sophisticated look! You look lovely! I also love how the song goes 'if I was a rich girl' as opposed to 'were' as if it was still possible to happen one day. There are so many things I'm lusting over that I won't possibly ever have the money for but this song somehow gives me hope, haha!
    Elina | missblueeyes.com

  3. Thank you Elina! ^.^ I hope it happens for me in the future though, lol! A girl can always dream about the things she's always been lusting over, like shoes :)))

  4. If I was a rich girl....i'll start crying thinking about what I could do haha. I'm pretty sure I also have some "I'm feeling rich today" clothes in my closet. Love the look. I think white suits you so well!

  5. Thanks Roxi! White's definitely one of my no-brainer choices when dressing up for the day ^.^ Lol, why cry though? You're rich, you can do whatever you want! :))


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