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10/09/2014 12:26:00 AM

Forever 21 sweater, H&M chain necklace, Pazzo shorts, Adidas shoes

Personally, I'm not really a huge fan of cropped tops, for the sole reason that I don't really see it fit to show my stomach unless I'm going to the pool or the beach. But when I saw this super lovely cropped knit sweater in such a yummy color, I knew I had to buy them (once I had the money to do so of course). "Them" being the operative word since I actually bought most of it in different colors (that I'll blog about in the future, just a heads up, lol... - edit - check out the others here, here and here). I guess I can say I am a believer of the whole saying "If the shoe fits, buy one in every color!" Although like I said, being not much of a huge fan of cropped tops but not wanting to pass up an opportunity to buy such yummy colored knits, I opted to get them in a size or two bigger to hide my stomach when I wear them out. So much win \o/

On a lighter note. I've been sorta kinda addicted to these apple juices lately. My mom actually bought a couple of boxes of these for her to bring as her baon (English translation: like a packed lunch) when she has work. But when I saw it in our fridge a few weeks ago and started to drink some myself, I got hooked on them again! So now I usually hydrate myself by drinking these packed juices. *^ w ^* Apple juice~

PS: Special thanks to Den-den who took my photos again! ♥

PPS: Strawberry Bunny just reached 100,000+ page views since its birth last July 2012! Thank you so much for your continued support!! Cheers indeed!! \o/ ♥

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  1. Really cute outfit, I love the colors! :D

  2. The sweater looks really nice! I can totally see why you had to have it in all kinds of colours! The petrol colour looks really stylish, I could definitely see myself wearing that!
    Apple juice and I are in some kind of love/hate relationship. Sometimes I get addicted but sometimes I can't even touch it for months! It's a little weird, haha!
    Elina |

  3. These 2 colours together are the perfect combo for Autumn! Love it <3 xx

  4. I love those shoes!! I've recently just picked up a pair of adidas classics in the blue and white, but these are so cool! x

  5. Thank you Amy! ^.^ Forever 21's F/W palette is so much love! <3

  6. Thanks Elina! XD You would totally rock this color!! <3 Apple juice and I are currently in an all-loving relationship since it kinda became my substitute for water these past few weeks, lol! If it's a craving, I'm having it for quite a long time now :)))

  7. Thank you Valerie! I really wish we had autumn here in my country though :( Layering for the cold seems to be a lot of fun.

  8. Thanks Rebecca! :D I'm so glad I could still wear these after having them for so long! The blue and white pair sounds good too :)


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