Let's Go To The Mall!

9/11/2014 08:00:00 PM

CC OO boyfriend's sweater, Just G top, Crissa shorts, Forever 21 bag, Adidas shoes

Den-den and I have been besties since high school, and although we went to the mall a lot back in the day, we rarely had the chance (and the money) to go shopping together (plus since we were wearing uniforms to school, spending money for new clothes didn't seem practical then). Most of the time we did go to the mall, we usually ended up watching a movie or eating out, but not really to shop around and be "girly girls" together. So when the time came post-college graduation when we actually have the time (albeit not really the money) to be all girly girls, we took the chance to actually go to the mall and hang out like "normal" stereotypical girly girls. We missed Rach a lot though, but we're being supportive with her nearing the end of her college years (Accounting is no joke, I'm afraid). Studies come first after all. 아자 화이팅! (Aja, fighting!)

In any case, we couldn't resist going to the beauty stores in Megamall, browsing through makeup stuff. Later on I decided to ask her to take my photos for me (of course) just to show how I normally dress up on my days off. No cutesy skirts, no classy looks, no bunny ears (although I was tempted to). In the end it's just plain ol' me in regular clothes. I did curl my hair and put on some makeup just to show that I did somehow put some effort before going out. Voila!

Also, when we were testing out some shots before getting down to business, we thought at first my camera had a problem since it kept blinking orange before it took the shot, and the shots always ended up blurry.. Den-den ended up getting this shot of me when I realized I left the settings on "2-second timer" hence the delay in shots. #dorks4life

Till my next post!

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  1. Aaah, I love your cardi, Sephie! It looks so nice! Lovely shots! The story about your camera settings amused me quite a bit, I had a similar problem the last time I went taking pictures, just that I forgot to adjust the aperture so everything came out really over-exposed!

    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

  2. Really cute outfit. :)


  3. Thanks Elina! :D To this day I still haven't given it back to my boyfriend (and I prolly won't anymore) lol. The aperture problem also happens to me a lot! :)))

  4. Thanks Kinga! :"> I liked it so much too that I never really gave it back to my boyfriend, lol!

  5. "Let's go to the mall, everybodyyyyyy!"

    It's your fault I'm now thinking of How I Met Your Mother :(((( I'm so jelly you guys get to hang out ughhhhhhhhh.



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