Dream a Little Dream of Me

9/25/2014 10:00:00 PM

Gap pullover, H&M necklace, Forever 21 bag and rings, DIY nails (w/ Etude House Play nail polish), Disney watch

Oh, hotel rooms. You just gotta love them for their gorgeous lighting. No wonder wedding photographers love taking photos of the bride and groom moments before their wedding ceremony in these kinds of places. I've always loved hotel room daylight. Den-den says they never fail to cast an ethereal feel to a photo, and I absolutely agree.

These were taken the day after my high school barkada (direct English translation: clique/circle of friends) celebrated our friend, Nikki's 22nd birthday. It's been ages since most of us hung out together (we never seem to be complete in these social gatherings anymore due to scheduling conflicts *sad face*) and actually had sleepovers (which normally happens when someone's celebrating their birthday). Fortunately for us, we did just that for Nikki's birthday. Hooray! 

Dinner at Tony Roma's was great~ We also got to watch The Last Five Years over at RCBC (the plot's great, although the actor had a cold that night we watched which kinda affected his performance since he kept sniffing during some parts; props for still being able to perform though! And Nikki Gil was amazeballs the whole time.) Then pretty much drank the rest of the night away while playing drinking games, which led to us unexpectedly (but fortunately) liking the drink used for the "consequences", that later resulted to us dropping the games and just went straight on to drinking the night away before we decided to get some sleep at around 5AM. Drinking, I never really missed it (although I gotta admit the drinks were really good). My party girl drinking days may be over @__@ I did miss my friends so much though! Hopefully we get to hang out like this again soon (where drinking is optional, har har).

It's a miracle we all looked okay the morning after drinking all that alcohol, lol.

In any case, I decided to wear something reminiscent to one of my LINE PLAY outfits. Mocha/beige looks really good matched with white. Adding simple gold accessories makes it even classier and more sophisticated without trying too hard. The casual feel of the whole outfit stays but is balanced off with a hint of class. Gearing towards caramel brown for my bag and shoes compliments the dominant neutral palette of the outfit for sure. Everything looks so put together when the color palette compliments each other.

As for my nails, I went with a more adventurous route to doing my nails again after so long. Went for a complimentary palette of yellow and lilac that gave off a rather baby-toned design with the help of the stars and the moon on my accent nails. I actually had fun doing my own nails albeit the fact that they might not be the prettiest manicure. But hey! You live and you learn, right? A little practice goes a long way, so I might just start doing my nails often from now on. God knows I have to use up all the bottles of nail polish I have in my fridge, lol.

  (.   .)o

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  1. I love your shoes!! :)


  2. Those oxfords are adorable! And I totally agree about the lighting! You look adorable! Saw you're in instagram, I am too! I will see if I can find you! (My tag is @amandaplease).
    Can't wait to look through some more of your posts!
    Xo Amanda

  3. Such a lovely look!


  4. Lovely look, I love that gold chain too! x


  5. Thank you Amy! ^ u ^ They're starting to chafe now though, so I'm kinda looking for a new pair to replace them >.<

  6. Aww thanks Amanda! XD Unfortunately these oxfords are dying on me now, so they might have to retire soon, lol.

  7. Thanks Rebecca! :) They're honestly my current favorite necklace ^ u ^

  8. You've changed your layout, I love it! i've been gone for a while, got so much to catch up. Also the outfit is super stunning!

  9. Thanks so much Roxi! It took me quite a while to find a good blog theme that suited my taste and caters to all my needs, lol. Glad you like! <3


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