Travel Diaries: Orlando 2014 - Marriott Grande Vista + Cirque Du Soleil

8/13/2014 08:19:00 PM

It's been 2 years since I last stayed here with my family, and it sure is a great place to call home (away from home). Marriott has a lot of properties around the world, some of which (like their places in New Ark, LA, Singapore and Thailand) I was fortunate enough to be able to experience while on vacation with my family. Marriott Grande Vista in Orlando, Florida is just one of the many properties the have in the area. A lot of people know this place to be one of the top Marriott Properties to stay in when on vacation in the States. I can't argue with that. It's one of the best places I've been able to stay in.

With summer in the States acting as schizo as it usually is back home, it was a huge challenge for me to take photos while we were out and about. The days usually consist of waking up early to go around and take photos under the scorching hot sun before the heavy rains come in later in the afternoon and throughout the evening. Thank God for Brighthouse network. We were always watching New 13 every day just to keep track on up-to-date news on the weather to plan our stay better.

Oh yeah. See that building behind the big fountain in their lake? That's actually the building we stayed in, lol.

On a side note, I find it amusing that all resorts and villas are now up to the times and changed their TV sets and entertainment systems to the now popular flat screen TV. I used to remember back in the days (lol, I feel old now) when we had big ass TVs with that huge bulky behind that occupied so much space and was super heavy to move around. How times have changed, indeed.

Main bedroom and bathroom~

Two sinks and a hairdryer

A bathtub and a separate shower

One big closet with the ironing board inside (although some rooms have it in the closet near the front door. They also have a washer and a dryer in every unit, so yey, plus points!).

One outdoor patio with a screen so bugs and birds won't come in. My mom used this area to work in during our down time.

The view through the screen window~! See? You can totally see the main clubhouse from our villa!

They provide a guide for new visitors in case they wanted to try out the amenities during their stay.

Groceries are not provided though, lol. But there is a Walmart super center conveniently nearby.

The adjacent bedroom for this 2-bedroom unit where my brother and I stayed with also just one big closet.

Bathroom with a shower-bathtub available.

We also had a patio but without the screen protection. But the view was still awesome~

The main clubhouse provides a lot of fun activities everyone can join in like boating around the lake, a spa date, gym, play place, beach volleyball, etc.

They have 3 pool areas, and the one in the main clubhouse has one pool for lapping.

The lighthouse sweetery has a candy shop and an ice cream shop that sells Edy's ice cream inside. Totally my ideal place to go to with the summer heat! Across it is a Pizza Hut and their Market Place where you can buy some food in case you get hungry.

Yup, you can try your luck and go fishing here too.

Summer sunsets are so amazingly beautiful here~ (their sunrises are also amazeballs)

In Downtown Disney, one of their main attractions is Cirque Du Soleil. A LOT of people watch this group perform, so much so that 2 years ago when we last visited here during spring, we couldn't watch their show since every show was sold out till September! Fortunately this year (due to my mom's persistence) we were able to pre-book tickets earlier in the year for us to finally have the chance to watch these performers live.

 photo IMG_18531_zps60697caf.jpg

They have 4-5 gates, and the gate you can enter through will depend on your ticket. Here are my brother and my dad waiting in the hallways where they decorated their walls with photos of their clowns. I'm not a huge fan of clowns (I'm actually quite afraid of them) but I'm making an exception to the Cirque clowns since they're really entertaining.

Stairs that lead to the seats located to the upper area of the arena.

Unfortunately, photos and videos weren't allowed during the performance (copyright reasons, I'm guessing?) so I was only able to take a photo of their really cool stage. However, they do sell DVDs and blu-ray copies of their performance by the shops outside.

Watching Cirque Du Soleil was an experience on its own. It's nothing like I've ever seen before. La Nouba is definitely appropriate for the target audience in Orlando, Florida since it was very funny, light-hearted, and entertaining. Although personally, I don't think kids at a very young age should watch this since they won't appreciate the performance as much as pre-teens to adults would (the kid behind us kept complaining through the first 10 minutes of the show since he didn't understand what was happening, it was frankly annoying that parents don't pacify their kids in these kinds of situations). Plus kids kinda distract other patrons from watching the show and enjoying it to the fullest, so I won't really advise parents to bring their really young kids with them to this show unless they can assure that they can keep them quiet the whole time. For more information on their shows and experience, click here.

Downtown Disney is packed every night with people who wanna enjoy the night life. It's a really long stretch of shops, entertainment, and places to dine in. Hopefully next time my family and I will get to try the other restos located here.

Till my next post!

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  1. Sounds like a fun trip! :)

  2. Let's feel old together, it feels like it just was yesterday when we still had our big chunky TV :'D
    I envy you so much, the place looks fantastic :O I'm stuck here in rainy Switzerland, while my family does vacation in Spain and Greek....

    But nice to see you had a good time~~

  3. I thought so too. HAHA! x) ♥

  4. Wow! It's super pretty in Orlando! ^_^ the place looks so comfy~ I hope you had fun! ♥
    Follow me, I follow back! :)
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  5. Thanks Amy! XD It was really fun. The hardest part was leaving <//3

  6. Thanks Benj! :))) I have to say though, it was really hard making time to get ootds when I was out @_@

  7. Thanks Czarina! :) It is! It's one of the best places to go to around the world imo.

  8. Lol, thank you Roxi! I had a blast XD No, don't envy me! I'm sure you'll get to travel too! :3 Don't worry, Manila's experiencing rains this time of year too :P

  9. OMG I know this is kind of weird but... your brother looks kinda cute HAHAHA :) Can't wait to get a glimpse of your the outfits you wore! :>


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