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8/21/2014 01:06:00 AM

Obligatory photo at the front of the whole park before entering. Lol, okay I'll start with that. 

This isn't my first time going to Disney's Hollywood Studios, but it has been around 6-8 years since my last visit (even way before I started blogging). Disney parks have their own magical flare to them that, based on years of experience, you gotta allot at least 2 days of visitation per park if you really wanna see everything they have to offer you (except of course, for Hong Kong Disneyland since you basically can just go around the whole park in less than a day -- this is also based on experience). 

During my recent visit to Orlando, I really convinced my parents that we visit all four parks since a lot of them have something new to offer this time (this is based on our last visit, of course). With us vacationing in the US during the peak of summer (due to my graduating last July), it was an understatement to say the least that there were a LOT of people (locals and tourists alike) who were also chilling at these really awesome parks. So if you don't do well with crowds, are OC with how you want your photos to look like (like less people in your surroundings), would not wanna worry about rain in the afternoons, or even would wanna enjoy your time in the park and be able to ride everything (or most of them) without wasting time falling in line, then I strongly suggest you DON'T go to these parks during summer. You can try during spring time (um, any time but not during Spring Break) or fall.

I didn't remember this 6-8 years ago, but my parents kept telling me that Disney has been offering resort transportation (i.e. for those who stay in Disney resorts) like this boat ride that takes you to and from the park. Ooh, the magical perks!

I guess we all know by now how much Mickey's been on top of the world since his birth many years ago, lol.

Usually when you visit Hollywood Studios, they don't have a ginormous stage in the center of the park (which is where the Sorcerer's hat is located). But since it's summer, they're holding a really cute themed celebration. This summer has a Frozen Summer Fun theme where Anna and Elsa would be available for meet and greets and a cool fireworks themed show at night, all at the Sorcerer's hat! Unfortunately, my family and I were still adjusting to jet lag when we visited, so we didn't get to see the early attractions of the park till after lunch time (which technically left us with none left, le foo). Frozen Summer Fun is only till September 1, 2014. You can check their attractions and events here.

First thing you'll always see when entering theme parks will be a line of gift shops~ Hello Hollywood Boulevard!

Can you spot Walt Disney here? ;)

We didn't get to watch Indiana Jones Stunt Show this time, but I still remember how cool it was. Definitely a must-see!

Can you see the clouds? One of the other reasons why I prefer traveling during spring time is that rain isn't as prominent during the day as it is during summer. Total mood-breaker if you ask me. This was actually the basis of the rest of our vacation since we later learned that rain usually comes later in the day after you spend the whole morning under the blazing heat. You're basically toasting yourself crispy during the day and later on showering yourself with a storm.

Okay, judge me all you want, but I actually liked this show, lol!

I'm fairly amused at how everyone in the house actually knows the song. And of course, every child in the building was belting out "Let It Go" like there was no tomorrow, lol.

Hello San Francisco~

No seriously. That's not Kermit with a mole. That's really Constantine, no joke! =))

See that kid? Apparently he dropped his Spider-man action figure in the fountain, lol. This is why you shouldn't play by the water. They did manage to get the toy out with the help of one of the cast members.

These two are one of my favorite muppets~

Penguin orchestra!

Can you guess which movie this place was from?

Frankly speaking, I'm already thinking Disney's gonna rule the world (if it hasn't already). The moment they bought Marvel, I was as giddy as a little school girl when I heard the news. But the moment they bought Lucas Productions, oh, well that's a whole 'nother level of genius~ Tbh, I could totally spend the day on this ride alone (heck, I'd even fast pass this) all for the sole reason that they have 50 different simulations that comes at random. That's 50 different Star Wars adventures!! When we were able to ride, we got the Princess Leia one, but I'm so dying to ride again till I get the Darth Vader one!! I'm SO coming back for this~! 

You can totally shop here for your halloween costumes.

Little R2D2's!

Duffy the Disney bear is totally adorbs. I actually bought this costume of his~ Now I have an adorable Mini Jedi!

I did wanna buy these beanies too... The storm trooper one was really cute.

So many awesome shirts.. I DIED.

They even had a section where you can build your own lightsaber! How cool is that?!


Storm trooper earmuffs for the cold? Yes please.

So adorbs~

asdfghjkl; Can I have these please? ;___;


These days when I wish either I own an iPhone, or that the US would patronize Samsung products too (the latter one I doubt will happen any time soon though).

Star Wars shirts are the funniest, really. :)))


We crossed the park to get to the other side and I had to take a photo of this boat that totally reminded me a bit of Steamboat Willie. Aaaand the clouds were threatening to pee any minute @__@

Didn't get to ride this (ha! Who am I kidding? I am too scared to ride this) but it was pretty cool to see that whenever you get to the top, the windows would open to give you a view of the park, then *suddenly drops*.

Due to my mom's demand request, we continued our tradition and watched the Beauty and the Beast Live On Stage. We always watched this show since my mom and I are huge fans of the movie. I did remember enough to know they changed some parts of the show since the last time I visited, which was really great to see.

Be Our Guest has got to be my favorite part of the whole show!

I loved how everyone stays in character till the last second. Gaston kept flexing his muscles till the curtain closed, and Belle and Adam even took a photo with a little girl who ran up the stage to greet them both. It was really too adorable! XD

By the time the show ended tough, the rain started to pour, so we tried waiting it out till it was okay to walk through the drizzle. We grabbed a bite right across the street then went inside the gift shops afterwards to buy some rain gears.

Oh, there you are, Perry!

How cute, you can take the Seven Dwarves home! Lol.


We waited out the rain again (as you can see from the photo above how strong it was), and I kept seeing people carrying a ginormous Stitch plushie @__@ Lady, where'd you find that?? D:

Saw a lot of cute Minnie Mouse stuff too!

I actually wanted an Olaf..

I found it very fitting that they used Alice in Wonderland for their beauty products. I really did wanna buy these beauty sponges and just stare at them and not use them at all, lol. They remind me of macarons.

More jewelryyyy

My parents were looking for a cute watch for my mom since she's now a Golden Girl.

You could really count the number of Samsung cases they sell here with just one hand :))

Hello Paschal!

....Can I have Merida's bow and arrows? :'D

They did say they changed some parts of this show. But I can't really remember much from the last time I watched it over 12 years ago, sooo yes, I'll agree that they did change some stuff from this show :)))

Ariel was really pretty though, and she had the voice to boot!

Omg, can I bring home the dog?? =))

The artist in me was squealing for joy when I got to go here. Although I did wish I had more time to divulge in there other activities (like their drawing class *sniff*)

Their sketches are amazing.

Their designs are amazing.

They're amazing.

I wanna be amazing too! Apparently my dad took this candid shot of me staring at one of their artworks while we were waiting for the show. Yep, just take it all in, Sephie. Just take it all in.. Hopefully one day I get to see my work on the big screen too. And that one day a dreamer would wanna dream to have their work on the big screen as well after seeing one of mine.

Btw, did you know that only 4 Disney films were ever animated fully here in Orlando? Every other animated film was animated in their main studio in California. Can you guess which 4 Disney films were the special ones made in Florida? :D

When we got out of the studio, a double rainbow was there to greet us.

The pot of gold for me would have been the view.. Gosh, even their sunsets after the rain were magical.


Duffy costumes!!

How can you not love this bear??

This shop has the most Duffy stuff I've ever seen (and I pretty much went to all of them). So if you're thinking of buying Duffy, here's your best bet. It's in between The Magic of Disney Animation and The Voyage of The Little Mermaid.

Oh yeah, by 6pm they block the back area of the park, so all rides located at the back area are no longer available to ride/visit. It was a little sad situation for us since mom really wanted to go to the Toy Story ride and the Jack Sparrow one too. Huhuhu definitely next time! :'<

Another show you shouldn't miss is Fantasmic! It's the fireworks + laser light show they have that tells a really cool story inspired by The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Unfortunately, they cancelled it the day we visited due to the thunderstorm that passed early that day (technical problems). *Sigh* I'm definitely pumped up to go back during spring time! D:

I seriously wish I grew up with a little bit less fear of getting a heart attack when riding adrenaline-rush rides :'))

This was ironic, a shop that had the old hag from Snow White and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty at the windows to a candy store..

There's nothing like Disney Fireworks to cap off the day! I did take a video of the final part of the fireworks, but I think it's probably best if I don't upload it for copyright reasons. And based on experience, there's nothing like seeing the fireworks live yourself. It's definitely magical~

So. freaking. adorable!

I cry at the cuteness ;___;

I can't afford them, so I just took a photo of them. My parents seem to be happy with that, trolololol.

I saw a lot of cute Disney tops during my visit. Most of them were pretty off-season since it was basically the peak of summer then. But they seam to be really appropriate nowadays since it's nearing the colder seasons already.

I'm sorry, but these guys were truly the highlight of the movie.

I want an R2D2 backpack .___.

A really cute hoodie I wanted, if only there wasn't any 2014 written on it so I can still look cute wearing it even if it's not 2014 anymore :(


To end the night right (it's closing time already by 10pm for regular park-goers since extended part hours are only available for those staying in Disney resorts -- another magical perk!!) is when the whole Hollywood Boulevard is blasting snow from the stores' roofs. And it really looks and feels like it's snowing! Not sure if this is part of the Frozen Summer Fun event, but either way it's really cool (no pun intended)!

Hopefully this is enough to convince you guys to visit Disney's Hollywood Studios. I know I will definitely come back again some day (hopefully soon). I'm eyeing all the Star Wars shirts already, lol.

Till my next post!

  (.   .)o

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