Beauty Review: Etude House Rosy Tint Lips vs. Color Lips-Fit

8/05/2014 08:00:00 PM

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Lo and behold my blog is still alive! I'm really so sorry for my absence in the blogging world (my Instagram has been active these past few weeks though). This review is so late tbh. But I was originally planning on publishing this while I was on vacation in Orlando last month. However, I didn't get to bring my laptop with me during my vacation and things came up when I got back that I couldn't blog a few days from the time I got back (more on this story next time). In any case, I'm just glad I can dip my hands into my blog again. So let's begin, shall we?

For months I've been curious which Etude House product would give me the best and easiest way to get those gradient lips that have been taking over the beauty industry in Asia these past couple of years. I've also been wondering which shade looks best for what occasion. Like I said before, I've been slowly growing into red lippies, and though I'm not quite in the stage yet where I'd love to sport full-on red lips, I am however ready to stray from pinks and oranges for gradient lip effects for every day use.

Two products came to mind when I was browsing through Etude House a few months ago. Their Rosy Tint Lips in Before Blossom (1), and their Color Lips-Fit RD301. I've been researching online on the difference between these two products, and I pretty much saw a very divided result. I also learned that each person has a different skin tone; may it be in pigment or the like, no two people have the same skin tone. When I read reviews done by other girls on these products, the results weren't the same as what I got. So when I got the chance to buy these two items for myself, I took the opportunity to test them out to see what really is the difference between the two products.

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 Front and back of both boxes. The packaging's really cute and feminine, as expected from Etude House products. Although they're in Hangul so I don't really read this part.

 photo liptint07_zpsa36c7347.jpg

Front and back of both products. It's not noticeable in photos, but the Rosy Tint Lips has a darker shade of red than the Color Lips-Fit.

 photo liptint05_zps54c8a4de.jpg

Top view of the boxes of both items. They're in Hangul and I can't really read Hangul. But I'm assuming they have the shade number on the top of the boxes too.

 photo liptint06_zps791647e8.jpg

Fortunately, Etude House provides English text on the side of the products' boxes.

 photo IMG_173725_zpsb37abcc6.jpg

For the Color Lips-Fit, they provided the product info on the bottom of the bottle with the shade number. The product/shade info of the Rosy Tint Lips can be found at the back of the product.

 photo IMG_173926_zps3513aedd.jpg

In terms of applicators, the Rosy Tint Lips has the sponge tip applicator that I love and hate. It's kinda difficult to create the gradient lip effect since when you smudged the lip tint from previous usage, it tends to stay on the applicator. And since the sponge tip is big and round-shaped, blending with it can be a bitter-sweet experience. You have to squeeze out the lip tint from the bottle, spread it on your inner lips, then blend it out with the sponge tip till you're satisfied. In my opinion, this isn't the product to be used when you're pressed for time since it takes quite some time to apply it till you're satisfied. Although when you do it right, the effect is really like how you see it on magazines, models and ads.

In terms of packaging, the Rosy Tint Lips used to have a rather hard to squeeze packaging that a lot of people complained about. The tube was made of thick plastic that made it difficult to squeeze the tint out for one to use. I assume they changed the thickness of the tubes in the succeeding production of this line though, judging by how much easier it is to squeeze now. However due to the type of packaging it has (something reminiscent of a toothpaste tube?), it may not be as efficient to use as the usual bottle-type designs, especially when the time comes that you're about to finish the remains of the product that's stuck at the bottom of the tube that you can't squeeze out anymore. It may end up being such a waste unless you cut the end of the tube off to scrape the remaining product out.

 photo IMG_174227_zpse00d58c6.jpg

As for the Color Lips-Fit, it conveniently has the doe foot applicator which makes it easy to apply the product to your lips. It takes a little bit of time to blend for the gradient lip effect, but again, when you get used to it, it's definitely easier to use than the Rosy Tint Lips. Although unlike the Rosy Tint Lips wherein you can use the sponge-tip applicator to blend the product out on your lips for the gradient effect, the Color Lips-Fit doe-foot applicator can't do as great of a job in blending. I usually end up using either my pinky finger or a lip brush to blend the product out for the smudged effect. The Color Lips-Fit also comes in a small transparent plastic bottle that makes it easy for users to gauge how much more of the product is left for usage. Unlike the difficulties you can face with the Rosy Tint Lips, when the time comes where you're at the bottom of the bottle of the Color Lips-Fit, you can try pouring the remaining product out since it's not viscous. 

Swatch for the Rosy Tint Lips (T-B): Actual product not smudged, Product smudged once with sponge tip, Product smudged with finger for gradient effect.

 photo liptint02_zps68279b96.jpg

I applied this product in gradient style and full lips. The color's really great imo. I love how its redness isn't too dark, but not too light either. It can definitely give off a more mature look than pinks and oranges, but it's just right for a 22 year old girl like me who may look like she's still in high school, lol. As for lasting quality, you need to reapply it on your lips as it rubs off when you eat/drink. Also, it has a tendency to make your un-moisturized lips more noticeable so moisturizing before usage is a must with this one.

Swatch for Color Lips-Fit (T-B): Actual product not smudged, Product smudged once with pinky finger, Product smudged for gradient appeal. 

 photo liptint03_zpsa0531025.jpg

Contrary to what it may say it is, I believe this product isn't really red, but more on really really dark pink that's almost but not quite red. You can see for yourself comparing the two products that the Rosy Tint Lips is definitely red and this is more pink than red. It still is cute though! I use this one more than the previous one for everyday since it lasts longer even when I eat and drink. Although there are some instances when it doesn't last as long, like when I close my lips tight on the spoon when I eat rice meals, pasta and soupy/saucy food. It does, however, stain your lips. I sometimes have trouble removing it at the end of the day, but I don't mind it as much since it gives my lips a nice pink/red hue instead of just the usual naturally naked color it has. 

In the end it's all about your personal convenience. Whichever works best for you is what you should go for, right? I do like both products, but I say I might have a higher chance of repurchasing the Color Lips-Fit more than the Rosy Tint Lips just because it lasts longer and is easier to use whenever I'm in a hurry. 

Final Grade.. (Out of 5)

Rosy Tint Lips
Packaging: ☆☆☆
Applicator: ☆☆☆☆
Application Convenience: ☆☆☆
Color: ☆☆☆☆☆
Buildability: ☆☆☆☆
Lasting Power: ☆☆

Color Lips-Fit
Packaging: ☆☆☆☆☆
Applicator: ☆☆☆☆
Application Convenience: ☆☆☆☆
Color: ☆☆☆☆☆
Buildability: ☆☆☆☆
Lasting Power: ☆☆☆☆☆

PS: If you wanna know how I apply gradient lips, you can check out my tutorial here.

PPS: Orlando 2014 Travel Diaries will be up as soon as I get to processing the photos I took. Be warned though, this Travel Diaries series is the longest I've had so far. Looking forward to that! \o/

PPSS: Also, yey! New blog theme! Lol. Although I'm still figuring out some of the nips and tricks of the new theme's codes. My blog's new theme isn't supported on mobile devices though, so please stick to viewing it on computers instead, for now at least. Sorry about that! >.< In any case, yey for new theme! \(^.^)/

Till next post~!

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  1. I own both products (albeit in different shades) and I totally agree with your comparison! The color lips fit is so much more longlasting and I've been reaching for it a little more than for the Rosy Tint, even though the latter is better against my slightly dry lips.
    The new layout is really cute! :)
    Elina |

  2. Thanks Elina! :D Me too! I seriously don't know what to do with the 3 Rosy Tints I own now @_@ I guess I could just use them from time to time till I finish the tubes -.-'

  3. suka deh sis reviewnya..
    jadi makin yakin pengen beli ini lip tint .. :D
    salam kenal ya sis..
    mampir juga ke blog saya :)

  4. Great reviews! I really like the color-lips fit's color (lol), I mostly use pinks but that might be a nice darker pink for me. :)

  5. Thanks so much Amy! :D I think pinks and oranges will never go out of style :3


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