My Human Nature Experience in Marikina

7/09/2014 02:10:00 AM

A few weeks ago, Den-den and I dropped by the newly opened Human Nature in Marikina. It was our first time visiting the place, and when Rach kept telling us what to expect, I have to say what we saw went beyond what we expected. Their place is quaint, homey, cozy and bright. I kinda felt like I was stepping into a Korean cafe actually, lol. I loved their ambiance so much! Den-den and I went around the shop the whole afternoon. I took photos for my blog while she tried some products for herself. 

I took a LOT of photos of their products btw. I couldn't help it. They had almost EVERYTHING a person needs in their household! Human Nature produces locally made all-natural products that not only helps our daily needs, but also helps the environment. No preservatives were used at all in developing their products. Which is a huge plus for those who have really sensitive skin. Their philosophy is to support production using locally grown ingredients (Pro-Philippines) made from natural raw materials that are environmentally safe (Pro-Environment). They also create the market for products and produce that helps multiply the income of poor communities by developing world-class organic farms alongside Gawad Kalinga and the like (Pro-Poor). Pretty impressive, if I do say so myself!

Anti-aging elixir, since we all want to look young (and stay young, lol). Rach said she tried this for a while now, and she noticed that her face felt a lot smoother! I'm getting myself one of these for sure.

I love the fact that they had information on the different plants their products have and their natural uses.

I was literally going around the shop taking photos of each product while learning about each and every one of them. Let's start with the face. They have everything from Facial washes, to toners, to moisturizers, to facial scrubs! Each item has a different purpose, and the great thing about them is that they often come in travel sized packaging, which is also perfect for trying them out for yourself.

I learned that Sunflower oil is really good at softening scars and lightening dark areas of your body like your elbows and knees. Gotta make sure your elbows and knees aren't dark too!

Their products aren't just centered on adults. Den-den and I saw families coming in to the store and browsing through the products. They have items that cater to the young ones too, which I'm sure won't irritate their uber sensitive skins as well.

Bunny basket! ♥ I'd be happy if someone gave me a basket of skin care as cute as this one!

They also got items for the men in the family! These kinda remind me of the F1 cart actually, lol.

Tropical countries like the Philippines suffer from a great population of annoying insects like mosquitoes. Now the trouble with some bug sprays and repellants is that they can also be too strong for us humans, and some people even get violent skin reactions from them. Fortunately, Human Nature found a way to make these all-natural bug sprays that do their job, but won't irritate your skin.

These also come in travel sizes, so kids can bring it with them to school and when they're having their field trips and the like.

Your body also needs pampering. I really love the wide variety of products they have for your body alone.

Thank God they have these sanitizers that don't smell like alcohol!

It's also important to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays during the day!

Yes, kids also need hand sanitizers. Who knows what they get their hands on during the day.

Foot lotion for dry skin. You can tell how much a person takes care of themselves by the looks of their feet. So if their feet get pampered, it's safe to say that they pamper themselves really well. And they also have a complete bath set available for purchase. I swear, they have everything!

Feeling some lumps, aches, and pains? I learned it was very important to always monitor this kind of thing. I found it really great that Human Nature has this sign that informs people on how to to do a simple self-check while in the shower. Better to be safe than sorry! 

Oh yeah, I was lucky enough to try the feminine wash over at Rach's house. They had both the pink and the blue one. But when Rach said that the blue one had a cooling sensation, I knew I had to find out for myself how it'll feel. True enough, I felt the cooling sensation, lol! We all agreed that it's a plus to the product since at least then we know it works, mwehehehehehe~ The blue one is the only one what has that though. If you're not a fan of feeling cool down there, you can always get the purple one or the pink one, lol.

Massage oil for some R&R!

Let's go with the hair. We put so many different chemicals on our hair already, we should at least use something less chemically-induced when actually cleaning our hair.

Den-den tried the soothing serum for the hair and by the looks of it, her hair did get softer and smoother. We were both really impressed!

Saw these little toys by the window where kids can play in while their parents shop. Super cute!

Honey for some honeys. Realized that food specifically can be processed with chemicals so that their shelf-life would last longer. @_@

While Den-den and I were filling out our membership forms, we were lucky enough to taste some Bayani Brew and their coffee. It was really good! The Bayani Brew really did taste like brewed tea with a hint of pandan in it. Their coffee was naturally yummy even without sugar or creamer. We were so tempted to get another cup, lol!

Household cleaning products and laundry stuff! Even your house and clothes need a little bit of TLC.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they had animal cleaning/grooming products too! Really great for your furry friends.

They also have novelty items for sale. I want their tote bag, their fan, and their small pouch with the Philippines on it!

They also have chocolate bars for sale! I love the cute packaging~! I got their milk chocolate one that we ended up munching on while watching some K-Dramas that night, lol.

Soothing balms for aches and pains! You can rub this on your sore spots and it'll ease the pain you feel.

Lip balms! The ones above are tinted lip balms, while the 3 below them are flavored. All are very moisturizing. 

Den-den and I tried out their lippies too. We both ended up buying some lipsticks after finding the right shade. Obviously their beauty products are my ultimate fave, lol. I really like the fact that they have products for both fair-skinned girls AND morena-skinned girls. And they have a small guide in their beauty station which shade looks best with whatever skin tone! It was really helpful for both Den-den and I.

Blush and lip palettes for all types of Filipinas!

Their Mineral ColorCreme Lipsticks swatches on my hand. Top (L-R): Pink Smoothie, Lucky in Love, Coral Charm. Bottom (L-R): Coral Kiss, Red Candy, and Crimson Glaze

Their Mineral ColorShine Lip Gloss swatches (T-B): Sweet Heart, Candy Treat, and Summer Sunrise

Phew! I didn't realize I took a LOT of photos till I started post-processing them for my blog @.@ Regardless, I had a really fun time in Human Nature Marikina. And I'm all for the all-natural, earth-friendly products they have. It's a HUGE PLUS that they're all super affordable and student budget-friendly as well! Plus, everyone there was super approachable and friendly, you won't be afraid to ask about their products at all! I learned a lot during my visit. I'll definitely be dropping by again next time I have a chance! I might even buy myself more makeup products then. Heehee~

Know more about Human Nature Marikina by Liking their Facebook page. You can visit them over at Gil Fernando Avenue (formerly A. Tuazon) corner Lark Street, Near Bluewave Marquinton, Sta. Elena 1800 Marikina City. Give them a call if you have any questions over at 477-5667.

Till my next post!

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  1. Looks so cool! :)

  2. wow all their products are so cute! it really does look like a korean cafe! xx

  3. They are! Their store is super cozy and homey! ♥


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