As happy as a sunflower

7/10/2014 07:00:00 PM

Forever 21 headband, Adidas watch, Just G dress, Forever 21 socks, Sneakers Avenue shoes

A few weeks ago, Den-den and I dropped by Human Nature in Marikina. We were fortunate enough to hang out in their cute shop (located near Blue Wave) the whole afternoon taking photos of their products and trying some out for ourselves (you can read more about my experience here). I was really happy with the set up of the shop that Den-den and I took my outfit photos there too! This, I think, is the first time I had my outfit photos taken indoors (that isn't my house) with really nice natural lighting. It kinda reminded me so much of Korean cafes that ulzzangs shoot in for ads. I'm really glad with how it turned out!

I've always been a fan of sunflowers since I was a kid. They're in my top 5 favorite flowers (in no particular order of course). I love that they make you smile just by looking at them. And ever since I bought the super cute spring fashion on LINE PLAY where my avatar holds a giant sunflower, I've been dying to get my hands on a few for myself irl, lol. They really do give off a happier feel to everything!

Also, I've always struggled with winking in photos and sticking my tongue out (not ala Miley though) and looking good at the same time. Has anyone experienced this problem too?? I'm still wondering how Japanese people pull it off and look gorgeous/kawaii/cool while doing so @___@ Anyhoo, this last photo's prolly the best I can do for now. Lol! #closeenough

On a side note: if you're reading this, I'm most likely half way over the Pacific already (as of writing this). Since I had to spend my (Philippine) summer vacation completing my OJT last April-May, my family and I weren't able to go on a vacation then. So this year, we scheduled it conveniently the week after my graduation! Huzzah!! I'll be spending the next two weeks over at sunny Orlando, Florida for the nth time. It's practically my 2nd home abroad at the rate that we always visit this place whenever we go to the states. Theme parks galore!! \o/ Keep an eye on my Instagram (@justsephierojas) for more recent updates on what's happening with me (I'm already eyeing the new Diagon Alley, mwehehehehe~)!

  (.   .)o

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  1. Great pictures! Love your shoes!! (つ^-^)つ Hope you have fun in Florida!

  2. Super cute outfit! :)

  3. I love sunflowers! They're in my top 3 of all flowers for sure! Your outfit is really cute, I love the pictures. :) The cosmetics in the background look really nice, especially since they're blurred out so the background doesn't distract from your outfit too much.

  4. OMG! So excited to read your posts about your trip already! Hahaha Please do share some of your experiences with us soon! :) Have a safe trip, Sephie!!! :)

  5. You are too adorable <3 I adore that dress you're wearing!
    I've just followed you, dear! Maybe you could check my blog out when you get the chance? :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo Payton of K-Party With Payton

  6. such a pretty look!

  7. You look nice. The sunflowers are a great addition.

  8. Great post, you're sweet, cute and adorable xx

    Let's keep in touch? Follow for follow?

    Laura Macij

  9. You are really very cute........
    Your Blog is Really Great and it is really good job to follow each other, keep it. Just let me follow and i'll follow you back.

    Fashion Mart

  10. Hi Sephie!
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award, if you're up for it! You can find the details here on my blog: Miss Blue Eyes

  11. You look gorgeous! I love the dress, you're super pretty!

  12. You look super cute!

  13. aaawww, you are so cute :-) really lovely pictures

  14. Thanks Yazzy! I did enjoy my vacation ^_^

  15. Thanks Elina! I love blurry backgrounds in photos too! <3

  16. Thanks Benj! Lol, I still have to post the rest of my travel diaries :)))

  17. Thanks Laura! Feel free to follow me if you're interested in what I post online :)

  18. Thank you! ^.^ Feel free to follow me if you're interested in what I do.

  19. Waah! I need to add this to my things to do list, lol! Thanks Elina! XD

  20. Hi Ajein! It's not mine though, it was part of the store's shelf decor that I just borrowed for the photos I took. I'm not really sure where the store owners bought it from either unfortunately :(

  21. I hope you enjoy your vacations and it truly is a wonderful and happy look!

    The store is very pretty it is a great background for photos!

    Kisses and take care! I'm following your instagram already to check out the news!

  22. Hello there gorgeous. I just want to ask where did you buy your sunflowers? :D
    I'm a big fan as well. It's my favorite too. Followed your blog too. <3 🌻


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