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6/06/2014 07:10:00 PM

DIY bow, Eazy Fashion dress, So Fab boots

It was very timely that I got this dress on my birthday a couple of weeks ago. And as soon as I got it, I was desperately trying to find the time to take my photos while wearing it outdoors. A dress this cute should be shown to the world and not be taken a photo of under such boring indoor lighting in my room or elsewhere. So when one of my forever best friends, Rach, scheduled a sleepover at her place with me and Den-den, I took the opportunity to make the most of the really nice neighborhood they had.

I've been looking for a nice fit and flare dress for a few months now, and since I'm such a sucker for black and white and stripes for that matter, this dress is so much of a win for me. Adding in the fact that it can be so versatile makes it even more of a win.

As soon as I saw it on the catalogue of Eazy Fashion, I was smitten like a kitten over some cream. Here I am, styling this dress in 2 different ways while making the most of the really weird weather we've been having in Metro Manila lately. It's technically the rainy seasons already, but due to global warming, we've been experiencing the usual intense summer heat AND some rough rains like a stereotyped on-again-off-again Hollywood couple.

Eazy Fashion sunnies, Eazy Fashion dress, Forever 21 shoes, Adidas watch

If you noticed, the weather in my first set of photos looked like a slightly overcast golden hour. For those who would rather look younger and like things to have a more casual feel (my personal style in a few words), I decided to wear this dress with a pair of black boots and my signature hair bow to make the red stand out from the black and white canvas. I chose to wear minimal accessories for a fuss-free feel to my look as well.

As for the second set, I was going for a more mature look with the hat, red hair, reddish lippie, etc. Also swapped my black boots for some sexy heels for a classier look. Rach and Den-den kept telling me that it's like they were looking at a movie star when I changed for my second set of photos, lol. Long hair really does make me look older (hence my torn decision on whether or not I should grow my hair long again). Darker lippies also give me a more mature look. As soon as thought I wanted to do a youthful & mature look for this dress, I knew I had to use my "sexy bombshell" red wig (that I also wore in this post). I swear to Hello Kitty, this wig reminds me so much of Jessica Rabbit!! I used a black hat to diffuse the sexy redness of the wig. And the sunnies, to me, were a touch of class when matched with the reddish lippie. I can't get any more Old Hollywood Glam than this, lol! Plus sunnies aren't just for the beach and sunny days anymore. They can be worn for those lazy days when you just had to go out but are too lazy to apply makeup and whatever, haha! #FashionTactics

It was kinda ironic that I looked like I just stepped out of Breakfast at Tiffany's and into the sunny streets of New York in the 40's when the skies suddenly turned sour. Den-den kept reminding me during the last few shots we took that it looked like it was gonna rain. And a few minutes after we wrapped up and got back to Rach's house, the rain poured like there was no tomorrow with matching thunder and lightning. Talk about lucky.

On a different note, I know sporting a red wig and all this stuff is still pretty foreign in my country (as compared to Japan and all), but it was kinda annoying (and a little bit creepy) when one of the neighborhood kids was biking and literally stopped and stared for like, 15 minutes while Den-den was taking my photos for me. Normally I wouldn't mind these things as long as I get my shot for my blog. But when the same kid (and his friend) circled the neighborhood again on their bikes to stop and stare at Den-den and me for a second time, okay seriously man, it was a little distracting now. I wanted to ask them what they wanted because they were kinda disturbing the little time we had left for taking photos before it would start to rain. What annoyed me was that the creepy kid on the bike circled around for the 3rd time and actually got off his bike to stand behind Den-den while she was taking my photos just to see the photos she was taking of me! If that wasn't creepy enough, the creepiest part was when the same kid circled around for the 4th time to stare, this time with like, 4 of his other friends on their bikes in tow.... What the hell!!! (ಠ_ಠ) If I wasn't wearing heels, I would literally just run away from all the awkwardness of it all *shivers* No kid, I'm not a celebrity. I'm just a blogger on duty, lol.

Anyhooooo~! Den-den's the only photographer of mine who actually takes test shots before taking my real photos for my blog, lol. One of them turned out to be when I was doing a mirror check using my phone in the most selfie-like moment I can ever get. And yes, I had to stand like this since I was trying not to wobble on my heels and avoid from tumbling down the street like Jack and Jill. Thankfully though, Den-den and I managed to take photos that didn't really make that struggle noticeable. Practice makes perfect!

Cheers from me and my super lovable photographer who never fails to make me laugh~! Lol, let me filter all the humidity and dark clouds away from this photo. Nyaaah~! (〜^∇^)〜〜(^∇^〜)

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  1. So pretty sephie! love the dress! you really looked like a celebrity with the red hair!

  2. Lol! Thanks so much Joy! XD If I become a celebrity, I might just dye my hair red, haha!

  3. Rinako グレーJun 6, 2014, 8:55:00 PM

    You are so pretty! Such a fantastic look! (*^^*)

  4. i love the dress and the bow! plus the location is stunning! ^^ your gorg! xx


  5. Such a cute dress! Love the cut of it and the thin red belt to go with it.

  6. Thank you Gaia! We were quite lucky that there weren't anyone in the streets at the time we shot this set ^.^

  7. Thank you Anna! :D It's one of my fave wigs (I have quite a lot, lol) ^.^ I kinda wanna try coloring my hair red too! But I heard that it's one of the most high-maintenance hair colors that tend to need so much taking care of @.@ I'll stick to wigs for now :))

  8. Thank you Mel! ^.^v Red goes so well with black and white. Luckily the belt came free with the dress! :D

  9. Aww, thank you Rebecca! :> The Universe was generous since it didn't rain till we finished and got home safely :) And I had to unearth this hat of mine from my closet after almost a year, lol.

  10. well, a nice red wig will do the trick then :P It's sad to hear that it's high-maintenance D: I really was hoping to get red hair, but....eeks D: now I don't know. What makes it so hard?

  11. They (people who experienced coloring their hair red) say that it fades the fastest. I think it's something about the pigmentation of the color that makes it fade the fastest and is the most complicated to take care of. @_@ I also heard that (like hair dyed blonde) needs a special kind of shampoo if you don't want the vibrance of the color to fade too fast.

  12. I love your striped dress and the touch of red is very cool!!!!

  13. aww adorable look dear..=) love the dress... new post in my blog. we can follow each other too just let me know =) hugs =) http://anotsosecretlife2011.blogspot.com/

  14. Thank you Paola!! Red never fails with black and white! <333

  15. AWW this is such a cute post ;A; I love your style and this outfit is so cute oh my gosh ;3;
    -Kiyomi xx

  16. Lol, thanks so much for the love, Kiyomi! XD Hope you drop by again soon!

  17. So pretty sephie! love the dress!


  18. i really want one of those hats, but I was sadly born with a big head so none suits me:(
    But really cute outfits:D

  19. Oh, but this kind of hat suits everyone! :> There're hats like these that have a wider headroom thought. It'll be a hunt, but there are lots out there for sure! ^.^ Heehee, thanks a bunch Roxi! :D

  20. I really hope I can find one, they look so chic and fit well in every season, just perfect :D

  21. Thanks Nana! :) followed you on GFC!

  22. You look like a kawaii version of Taylor Swift here! Cute.

    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic

  23. awww, the outfit is super cute :) the wig is super cute! Love the "jessica rabbit" style of it :) I've always wanted to try red hair :O

  24. Great post, and lovely backdrop! I love your hat too! x


  25. love this outfit! so cute

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

    ps. there's £250+ worth of beauty products up for grabs on my blog right now, click here!


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