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5/30/2014 04:09:00 PM

Currently getting back to reading some mangas I missed while I was spending a lot of my time in my last few terms of college. It's been so long since I read a fluffed-up shojo manga just for the feels to feed my inner hopeless romantic. I already read (and watched) Bokura ga Ita and Tonari no kaibutsu-kun; both of which I wish they'd finish properly in both the manga and the anime. I'm waiting for the next chapter of the ever popular Ao haru ride since their cliffhangers are to die for, and I can't wait for the animated series to be released this July! Seriously, next chapter please!! °(ಗдಗ。)°

Meanwhile, I'm working on my thesis archiving requirements as well as trying to sort through all my pending blog posts (I am so sorry for the delay! Please don't hate me! 本当にごめんなさい! (´;Д;`)) Also, I already have a few mangas in line to fill in my waiting time for the next chapter of Ao haru ride: Kimi ni todoke, Boku kara kimi ga kienai, Tsuki to himawari (Faster than a Kiss), and Dengaki Daisy are all lined up in no specific order. If you guys know any of these titles, feel free to give them a rating (no spoilers please! I wanna find out about the story myself, lol) and if you could recommend other shojo-slice of life kind of mangas that are worth reading, please don't hesitate to name some names.

PS: I love Kou, but he's so slow. I love Kikuchi, but he shouldn't be so selfish. So difficult choosing between the two! Frankly though, I wanna see some development between Murao and Aya. That's all.

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  1. Rinako グレーMay 31, 2014, 2:51:00 AM

    Such a lovely manga! It looks very nice :)

    ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤


  2. I love this manga so much! I usually don't read mangas, but this one touched my heart because it is literally so similar to my own personal experience (I swear, I think the author was reading my mind or something! Haha). Quite sad though that they release chapters super slow... I'm always super impatient for the next chapter haha. :)

  3. Rinako, you should try reading this! It's really worth the heart-stopping feels! XD

  4. I know how you feel! I felt the same way before about Bokura ga Ita, lol. I'm trying to be patient with the updates so I'm distracting myself with other mangas for now, haha! Can't wait for the anime of this already! <3

  5. Kezia Gloria ChristyJun 9, 2014, 8:00:00 PM

    nice manga, i will read it soon

    mind to follback ?

  6. it is! Hope you'll like it! ^.^ Yups, followed you already :)

  7. omg I love this manga!!!!
    I haven't read the latest update yet, but I will today! XD
    have you read Arisa? It's one of my favourite mangas~
    I'm inviting you to join my first blog giveaway~ I hope you will join!
    xxox Charmaine

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  8. I think i read most of them, but my favorite is probably Dengaki Daisy, since the story is really nice and diffrent.Boku kara kimi ga kienai I have on hold, but I can't remember why^^'' Kimi ni todoke and faster than a kiss are both really cute, so i can recommend them, though I think the overall story of Kimi ni todoke is better. And if you like Ao Haru ride then you may want to read Strobe Edge if you haven't already done so, it's from the same author~~

    LOL I kind of feels strange writing about that, since I kind of had forgotten what kind of maga junky I used to be :'D

  9. It is! You should read it, Alex. It's really good! ^.^

  10. Arisa? No, I haven't heard of that one :o I should check that out, it sounds good! :D Thanks for the tip, Charmaine! XD

  11. I used to love shojo manga but I had to put them on hold for academics :( Fortunately I have more time for them these days ^.^v OH I've heard of Strobe Edge! I should add that to my list! XD Thanks so much for these tips Roxi! <3

  12. You're welcome ^-^
    me too, I also used to read a lot more manga, but because of school I didn't anymore~~

  13. Hopefully you can get back to reading some new ones soon! :D


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