Neutrals and Blues

5/07/2014 06:31:00 PM

My OJT is about to reach its end in a few days and I'm doing my best to catch up on the deadlines of projects on time. I know very well that I owe a LOT of posts here on my blog and recently realized that summer's already halfway (or more than halfway) done! I'm such a bad blogger, neglecting my blog! *cries* I'll do my best to catch up on this blog as soon as I can. I already have a number of posts pending. I'll definitely get to them after OJT. *determined face on!*

Last month, Kenny and I celebrated our anniversary over some lunch and quality time before I started with my busy OJT schedule. Lunching in Cibo at EDSA Shangri-La mall has been one of my favorite staple food places whenever I have a reunion with my high school friends. And since le boyfriend hasn't tried it yet, I convinced him to have lunch with me there! Their food is sooooo good! They serve the 3 P's of Italian cuisine: Pasta, Pizza, and Panini. We were both more than satisfied to the bone, we didn't even have room left for dessert! Looking at these photos again makes me crave for another plate of their delicious penne pasta..

Forever 21 headband and socks, Next denim vest, People are People top, 17 Club skirt, Sneakers Avenue shoes

You can tell these photos are old if you follow me on Instagram. I painted my nails in rainbow colors in celebration of Easter. I haven't painted my nails in asdfghjkl; years! So much so that I had to throw away my old nail polish collection since they were THAT old. On the plus side though, it opened the opportunity for me to buy the really adorable nail polish collection of Etude House. These colors are from their Play Nail collection. I got the pastel colored ones since I'm not really a huge fan of dark opaque nails (they make me look older). I really love the pastel marshmallow-esque colors more. The yellow nail polish I'm wearing here though is from their Chocolate Kiss collection that was originally released last February, but didn't really arrive to the Philippine Shores till around March-April. I have yet to use the pink shade that came with the yellow one though. Hoping it'll be just as adorable!

I also started wearing the Etude House Color Lips-Fit in PK003 − the one Sulli of f(x) wears in their campaign ads − on days where I wanna change up my look from my default orange lippies. Definitely a happy customer with regards to the color and the product itself. Maybe I should make a separate review on it? I'm thinking of buying all the shades if I could!

P.S: These are the last set of photos taken before I changed my hairstyle/haircut. Definitely happy about the change. Change is good! Although I'm still a little bit confused about my unintentional ombre color (from growing out my colored hair).. Still thinking of what color I should dye it to next. Of course, before graduation I might color it temporarily into dark brown again just so I could get rid of the ombre tips..

  (.   .)o

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  1. The outfit is cutie patootie! :) Lets support each other.. Just followed you on GFC.. xoxo

  2. I like your headpiece and denim vest! :)

  3. Rinako グレーMay 8, 2014, 2:55:00 AM

    You are so cute girl! Like a doll! ^^

    ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤



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