LINE Play: My Little Ol' House

4/16/2014 03:00:00 PM

If I say I'm not addicted to this app, I'd be totally lying. I'm HOOKED. I know it's been there for more than a year, but lil ol' me just recently got a smart phone, and knowing this app already existed made me download it online. It was also supposed to help me out with my thesis since I thought of using this house as a guide in re-layouting my thesis from an instructional laptop-/pc-based CD to a mobile app-based program. But I'm thinking it might have been a mistake downloading it so soon. Especially since I can't put it on pause @__@ Too many kawaii distractions!!! I cry..

In any case, as addicted as I am to this app, I was able to finally design my dream house with whatever stuff they had available. THANK GOD THEY ONLY GIVE YOU ONE FLOOR TO DESIGN. I thought I'd seriously flunk my thesis if ever I was given a chance to design 2 floors for my dream house, lol! I didn't sink my teeth too much on the gacha machines though, since the randomness was pretty nerve-wracking, and gems are so precious to risk on gambles. Think about how many houses I have to clean and plants I'll have to water to get 3,000 gems back!? The horror!! Though to be honest, this place is the only place I'll ever persist on cleaning so many houses for money, lol. Fortunately, the first time I used those machines I got a cute kitty sleeping on her own bed. Maybe this app knew that I loved cats, haha!

Funny though, I spent more gems on the furniture and decor of my house than the clothes they're selling in the fashion department of this place. #SuchPriorities Maybe if I had more gems, I'mma buy all the cute clothes I wish I had in real life for the cute little LINE play sprite of mine.

Anyhoo, add me up on LINE Play if you will! I'd love to visit your LINE Play house and clean your room, and water some plants, lol. I usually give people hearts when they write on my diary too! You can search for me, Sephie Rojas, or you can add my invitation code: JD-5717-8704. See you around!

  (.   .)o

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