Lens Review: Sakura Candy Pink Lenses

3/27/2014 08:35:00 PM

Left = inner side, Right = outer side


Tip Tap 恋はいつだってCANDY 
Good Luck そうね 毎日がSUNDAY
あわてないで My Heart


Does that song sound familiar? Well, if you loved anime when you were a kid as much as I did, then I'm pretty sure you'll know this song in a heartbeat. It's none other than Fruits Candy from one of Cardcaptor Sakura's ending themes! Somehow the song started playing in my head when I was editing these photos, lol. I guess, looking at them now, the song seems appropriate anyhow. I mean, these lenses are called Sakura Candy Pink for a reason. Just looking at them makes me think of cherry blossoms, salt-water taffy, bubblegum, and Cardcaptor Sakura. Though I'm not going to Japan any time soon, I think this is the closest I'll ever get to any sakuras for now, lol. 

When I tried this pair for the first time, I immediately thought they were perfect if ever I wanted to cosplay Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls. I can totally imagine her in real life, as a teenager with really pretty eyes in this color. A little OT, but if you're a huge fan of PPG like I am, you should check out this really amazing fanfic by a girl named SBJ called "More Than Human" (if you haven't yet). I swear, it's the best fanfic I've ever read. And I've had my fair share of fanfic experience to say that, har har! I've been reading it since around 2011. If you try to Google it, I'm sure it'll come up right away.

Anywaaaays~ I never really thought I'd wear other colored lenses besides Blue, Green, Brown and Gray. I got myself a pair of Violet/Purple ones before, but I never really bought myself another pair after that. If I remember correctly, I think it was because it wasn't as Violet as I expected them to look when I wore them. One of my friends even thought I was wearing Brown lenses when she saw me wearing the Violet lenses under incandescent lighting, lol! Guess they weren't as pigmented and vivid as I thought they would be. *sniff*

If you follow me on IG (@justsephierojas), I'm sure you'd have seen me post a photo wearing this pair already when I wore them for an errand day with my mom. At first when I was browsing album after album for some circle lenses, I was debating with myself if I should get a pair of pink ones (I was already warming up to the idea of wearing a more unique colored pair or design). But I wasn't that satisfied with some lenses I saw in this color. So when I saw these in one of Japanese Candy's album, I knew I had to get myself a pair while they're still available.

These Sakura Candy Pink lenses were the last ones I added on my list when I availed of their promo recently (the other two you can read about here and here). They're 16.2mm in diameter, and unlike most circle lenses, these sport a smooth gradient colored ring for the irises. Depending on the lighting, its color can vary from baby pink, to carnation pink, to taffy pink, or even bubblegum pink. Comfort-wise, like any 16mm lens, they don't dry easily even when you wear them after so many hours in an air conditioned area or during a windy day. So far, I'm loving this candy-colored pair to bits~! ♡ If only these come in other colors too, lol!

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