Lens Review: Lucius Gray Lenses

3/22/2014 07:58:00 PM

Left = inner part, Right = outer part

Do these lenses seem familiar? That's because they're the same style as the blue and brown ones I wore here and here. This, by far, has got to be my favorite style in all of the circle lenses I wore in my life to date thanks to Japanese Candy! Lucius lenses aren't at all tri-colored lenses, but their color is vivid enough and pigmented enough for them to look natural when worn under any lighting.

Like I said in my previous lens review, I only like wearing lenses that are 14.5mm-16mm in diameter to make my eyes look bigger since anything less than 14.5mm doesn't make much of a difference and only gives color to my eyes (not my objective for wearing lenses in the first place). And these Lucius Gray lenses do just that with their 16.2mm diameter (as stated in the bottle it came with) which is balanced out with the right amount of their black outer rim and the cool icy effect of the iris area.

If my Chapi Tea Green lenses make me wanna cosplay Green Arrow, I'd say these Lucius Gray lenses could prompt me to cosplay someone like Emma Frost or Iceman (sorry Elsa, but you have blue eyes, not gray, lol).

Knowing how much I loved the blue and brown equivalent of this pair only amped me up more when I received my package. I had an idea of what was in store for me, and true to that, these lenses didn't disappoint one bit! They look amazing in any light setting, made my eyes pop especially when worn with eye liner and/or falsies, matches well with any color of makeup, and they're comfortable since they don't dry up easily when worn (most especially when you stay in air conditioned places, or when it gets windy). What more could I ask for, right? Now, if only these come in other colors as well, har har!

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    So sweet lenses! You look like a cute doll! ^o^

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