Lens Review: Chapi Tea Green Lenses

3/19/2014 02:48:00 AM

 I'm always open to new looks, and circle lenses have got to be one of my favorite accessories whenever I dress up for the day. Luckily, Japanese Candy is having a promo till the end of the month, so I took the opportunity to hoard more lenses for my daily needs. One does not simply say no to a promo, especially when amazing circle lenses are involved. The force is strong with this one. Lol!

One of the things I got was this cool 15mm Chapi Tea Green lenses that were more vibrant and vivid than I ever expected them to be. The second photo above is how they look once I took them out of the bottle. Just by looking at how light they were made me realize that they would be really noticeable when I wore them (also applies to when the lenses are darker, pretty much they won't be that noticeable when you wear them especially when you already have dark colored irises).

OT though, a little tip for knowing which side is up when wearing your lenses is when you look at both sides. The side with the darker outer rims is usually the front part (the side that is seen by people when you wear them), while the side with the lighter outer rims is the back part (the side facing you when you wear them). There are some lenses though (like this pair) that are a little bit more difficult to distinguish between the front and back sides. But if you look really closely, you'll see that the front part (the one on the right side in the photo above) is indeed a little bit darker than the inner part (the one on the left side in the photo above). 

When I described these lenses to my boyfriend, he was so excited at how vibrant the pigments of the lenses are. So much so that he joked that I should totally cosplay a female Green Arrow with these lenses on. Hahaha! I just might do that for halloween. Lol.

There are only two kinds of lenses that catch my eye (no pun intended). There's the Tri-colored ones wherein they have the outer rim (usually in black), the colored iris area, and the inner rim (usually yellow or gold in hue) that gives off a more "natural" look when worn. And then there's the Dual-colored ones wherein they only have the outer rim and the colored iris area. Either kind works with me as long as the size ranges from 14.5mm-16mm in diameter so they'll make my eyes look bigger (my sole purpose for wearing circle lenses).

Comparing the effect of the lens when I wear them under natural light and studio lighting, they're pretty much similar. I prefer these lenses under natural light more though, since the appeal they can give can be muted even for a little bit considering how natural light changes by the hour of the day. The pigment of the lenses is indeed pretty strong, making it very much visible even under regular sunlight (under a shade, or even when you sit near a window). So you can see how much more vivid the colors are when light is shining directly at my face.

This pair works really well when matched with eye liner and/or falsies to make the green pop out more. All in all, if you're looking for green colored lenses that really stand out, I strongly recommend this pair. Surely even under indoor lighting they can be quite noticeable.

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  1. Rinako グレーMar 19, 2014, 6:30:00 AM

    You look absolutely cute! Great review honey! ^^

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  2. Great color :D


  3. Thank you Rinako! (✿◠‿◠) stay tuned for 2 more lens reviews from me :>


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