Eazy Fashion: Molang + Kitty Cat Dust Stoppers

3/21/2014 02:58:00 AM

While I'm on a break from thesis-related work, here's a quick post on a little shopping haul I had a few days ago over at Eazy Fashion

I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S4 to help me with my thesis (long story-short, I switched mediums from instructional CD to mobile app), and I was so happy for the upgrade from my old Blackberry that was handed down from my dad. I used to have a Samsung Champ before I got the Blackberry, and even back then I was already pretty obsessed with these cute little dust stoppers that helped personalize the look of my mobile device. Really adorable ones are kinda hard to find here in the Philippines (unless you frequent Divisoria or Quiapo which I'm sure holds a lot of these things). So when I saw these super cute dust stoppers online, I was restraining myself from buying them right off the bat, what with all the other expenses I already accumulated for the month. But, knowing myself, I couldn't resist such cuteness, so I bought them on a last-minute whim.

Backtracking a bit, I had to put aside my old dust stoppers from my Champ days when I got the BB since the earphone dock of the BB is placed on it's side instead of the usual top left or top right of the mobile device. Thankfully, now with an S4, I'm able to resurrect my cute accessories again! *cue happy dance*

I stumbled upon Molang a few months back, and in a heartbeat, I knew he was kinda like my soulmate, lol. I mean look at him! He's A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. He's a chubby little Korean bunny with tiny ears, whose cheeks turn pink whenever he eats his favorite food − strawberries. And, he loves ice cream too! How can I NOT love this little guy? A little OT, but I'm thinking of buying a Molang plushie sometime in April. Maybe something like an advanced birthday/graduation gift for myself, lol.

Eazy Fashion offers Molang dust stoppers in six different designs. I was only able to afford three *insert sad face here* so I made myself pick among the six they had available. Of course I had to get Molang with the ice cream~♡

The second one I got was Molang with a cup/bowl in his hand. Somehow the little blue cup/bowl made it extra cute!

The last one was the "default" one, which I thought was supposedly the one with Molang in his default pose where his hands are resting on his belly and he's not holding anything. Much to my surprise though, I didn't get that, and instead got Molang with flowers at hand. It's a pleasant surprise though. He's still adorable either way.

Molang's my current favorite thing in the kawaii world, so much so that I have him as my wallpaper. Although shortly after these photos were taken, I changed my wallpaper to a more summer appropriate Molang themed one, lol. I'm on the lookout for a free Molang themed chat skin though, and a Molang phone case for my S4. If you guys know where I could find one locally (in the Philippines), hit me up mkay? ♡

The other cute dust stopper that I got was this little kitty.

If you follow my IG feed, I'm sure you can pretty much tell I love cats as well. We have a lot of stray cats popping in and lounging around our garden since it's windy and there's lots of shaded areas they can chill on. I don't really mind their company as seeing them sorta de-stresses me from time to time. Until they decide to poop on our garden of course, lol! They can stay in our garden, but pooping there is a totally different story, haha! So when I saw this kitty, I added him to my shopping cart in an impulse, just so I can have something to pay homage to the cats in my neighborhood. At least this little guy won't poop on my phone, hahaha!

Doesn't he look cute looking like he's popping in on my cell phone time? Hahaha!

Speaking of cats, another pleasant surprise came when I got this freebie along with my package! It's so cute!! Pretty timely too since I've been looking for some kawaii pens these past few weeks!

Eazy Fashion offers a lot of on-hand kawaii stuff, and they ship it to your doorstep after a day or two from the time you settled your payment. But since I wasn't at home mostly this week, I had to ask my mom and brother to keep an eye out for my Molang package if ever it arrived while I was out. Funny though, I was in a general assembly for my summer OJT when my mom texted me saying "Molang is here! :D" like she was more excited to see him than I was, hahaha! There was also a time when I showed Kenny how a Molang plushie looked like after talking about him a lot and he was all "So cuuute =))))) I might choke him cuz of his chunkiness =)))))" I wouldn't be surprised if that happened though. Molang's too adorable for his own good, lol!

You can follow Eazy Fashion on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more info, or visit and register on their website to place your orders now.

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  1. Rinako グレーMar 21, 2014, 5:02:00 AM

    Awwh, absolutely cute and soo sweet!! *o*

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  2. Thanks Rinako! They're so gosh-darn adorable! I wish I had a plushie so I can keep squeezing its chubbyness, haha! o(^▽^)o


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