White Rabbit

2/26/2014 11:12:00 PM

Forever 21 headband, Next top (old), 17 Club skirt, Dickies socks, Adidas shoes

白うさぎ (shiro usagi) in Japanese, or White Rabbit in English was something I saw when I looked at myself in this outfit. Although Gian said the headband reminded him of Jun Kazama from one of my favorite video games in history (hehe, Tekken fan right here, yo!) I took that as a compliment since I loved playing her waaaay back in the first Tekken Tag Tournament along with my signature character, Xiaoyu. Although Jun's default costume there — the black leggings with white top and headband — was the one I used the least. She also had the ultra cute light blue-ish costume with matchy-matchy thigh-high socks + bunny headband + top  + shorts and brown shoes (if you play Tekken Tag on Playstation 2, you'd know which button to press to get this alternative costume of hers, lol). That alternate costume was the one I pick every time I play her. But looking at this outfit of mine, it does seem like I subconsciously mixed both her costumes together. Or is that just me? :)) 

In any case, I do love the fact that Namco brought her back (although as Unknown and not much as Jun) in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but at least she's a playable character in Tekken Revolution (which would probably take over my life if I had a PS3). As much as Asuka has pretty much the same move set as Jun, I still think Jun's cuter. Mwehehehe :P

  (.   .)o

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  1. what-- you're such adorable baby faceee . like a doll :3
    i really love your outfit . casual and comfy look :3
    mind to follow each other?

    xion xiu's blog

    1. 谢谢 Xion Xiu! :"D I'm a huge fan of casual comfy looks XD Just tell me which account you'd like to follow each other on :)

  2. Love your outfit. Super adorable with the bunny headband.


    1. Thanks Mitch! :> I'm getting a bit addicted to bunny headbands these days XD

  3. kumusta =) i found your blog through airi's. i love your style :D the rabbit ears headbands are my favorite, but why are they always so expensive in the US? >...>

    I just followed you blog!


    1. Thanks Sample Hime! :D Oooh small world, I knew you were Filipino the moment you said Kamusta, lol :P I didn't know rabbit headbands were expensive in the US :o You can always DIY them if all else fails :D Followed you on Bloglovin and FB btw! <3

  4. Hi, honey! You are so cute *o* I really love your sweet blog!
    Following you on GFC&Bloglovin! Let’s follow each other!
    I hope we will keep in touch. ♡

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

    1. Thank you Rinako! :") Dropped by your blog just now! Super cute! ^u^

  5. Thanks so much Izzy! <333 I super loved your landscape photo diary of Spring! XD


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