To put it simply, IDGAF

2/21/2014 04:34:00 PM

Forever 21 headband, Little Turp pullover, BAYO skirt, Fila socks, Adidas shoes

When my mom saw me sorting through these photos, she chuckled (I know right , chuckled) at what I was wearing. She said I look like a postcard. And I was all like, "A postcard?? Whattayamean a postcard??" Because really, I never heard that one before. And she was all, "Well you look so outta this world, sweetheart." Nice. Thanks Mom. I 'ppreciate it. :))

Actually this was what I wore for a quick date I spent with Kenny on our monthsary. He only had an hour to an hour 1/2  max for his lunch break (he's on OJT days), and since my professor ever so conveniently cancelled class on the same day (oh yea~), I was willing to travel to Makati for a date with my boyfriend. 

Normally when you're in Makati, it feels like you're in Manhattan. It's the central business district in Metro Manila, so people here mean, well, business. Lol. Like I said, people here are always decked out in their polo barongs, and corporate attire if not in their best dressed looks, regardless if you're just strolling by or doing the groceries, or just having lunch.  I'm not so sure though if people here really give a f--ck about what anyone else wears unlike how people are in Harajuku, but since I rarely go to Makati anyways, I threw all my consciousness away and dressed like this. And the first thing Kenny said when he saw me was "You look so Japanese... Or Korean. No, no! Japanese, definitely."  Why thank you!

Honestly, my feelings towards how I dress these days is stated bluntly on my pullover. I simply don't give a single f--ck anymore about what people think. I'm gonna wear whatever I wanna wear so as long as:
  1. I won't be violating any dress code and get sent to the D.O.'s office whenever I'm in school,
  2. I feel comfortable about it therefore I feel happy wearing it, and
  3. I don't look stupid or trying hard and pathetic while sporting whatever I choose.
Life's better that way, imo. Like what my parents keep reminding me,
Oh yea~ TRUTH.

So aaaanywaaaays.

We took these photos right around high noon so the sun was blazing hot and bright. I had no choice but to stand under the shade so as not to bathe in my own sweat (really, eww) and so my camera won't die of heat exhaustion either. I hate the high noon light. It's too unforgiving when it comes to shadows and exposure. *Sigh* I just had to make do with what I had since Kenny needed to go back to his office soon before his break ends, and I had to go to school for consultation. Oh, life. Fortunately, the pictures came out great for me, heehee~ 

Before heading back, Kenny and I saw these guys passing by. They were walking so fast so I wasn't able to take their photos that much. My paparazzi skills need some polishing, lol.

Peek-a-boo! Cheerio my little duckies~!

  (.   .)o

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  1. OMG IKR? Hahaha I always get comments here and there cause I wear thrifted clothes on my blog and I'm like, WTF? Hahahha Anyways, I lloooooovvee your top! *drools* Tee-hee :3 Visit my blog sometime? :)

    1. There's nothing wrong with thrifted stuff! OMG how dare they? D: Some people can be so shallow -____- I can't even. Check out Little Turp on FB of you wanna own a similar top! :D

    2. OMG i have a feeling im going to order hahhahah

    3. Go lang! Check their IG account (@ltclothing) for updates din :P Last I heard, IG users get a discount on these sweaters or something :))

  2. omg you are bloody adorable! i love the style and layout of your blog! you deserve more recognition :)

    hope we can follow each other :D
    Please follow my blog ‘Heylinni’ at:
    Let me know on my blog when you do so I can follow you back :)

    1. Thanks Rachel! XD I'm still in college so my blog's taking a back seat for a while :) Hoping to go full-time after graduation thought :D Dropped by your blog! Super kawaii! :>

  3. Try browsing here bebe.


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