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2/12/2014 01:48:00 AM

DIY hair bow, Yhansy necklace, Just G top, Soda skirt, Forever 21 socks, Adidas shoes

It's almost Valentine's Day and a lot of fashion sites have been showing their take on the well-known bitter-sweet holiday. With this coming Valentine's day being my last one as a student, I find it to be such an annoyance that it had to be set on a Friday of all days. Can you just imagine the traffic?? Think Infamous Friday Traffic got together with Infamous Pay Day Weekend Traffic, their Love Child (no pun intended) will be this year's Valentine's Day traffic @____@' Oh the horror...

This is why my family and I decided that as much as we wanna celebrate the holiday on the day itself, we think it's best to celebrate it on Saturday or Sunday instead. But regardless of when you're celebrating, I believe it all depends on who you're celebrating with. Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers out there. It's for people to have at least one day in 365 days to show love to those important to them may it be with a special someone, family members, friends and/or colleagues. If showing love for you is ordering in and watching movie marathons, then more power to you and I hope you enjoy your evening :))

Anyhoo, like I said, it's gonna be my last V-day as a student, so I might as well dress the part while I still can. It won't be a V-day outfit if Red wasn't present. So I went for it in a print on print ensemble that to my surprise worked well with each other. Flowers for the dainty girly feel and stripes for a more subdued, casual tone. Thrown in some white here and there, and accessorized in a form of a heart-shaped gold necklace that just screams simplicity (and matched the gold streaks on my sneakers perfectly). I'd say I'll keep this combo in mind for any other dates I'll be going to in the future. The best part is that I can gorge on the food without being conscious of my tummy and still look cute on a date. I call that a win-win situation, lol!

I would just like to thank all my readers for constantly visiting my blog since it's birth in July 2012. Like I promised, I'd make an official Facebook page for me and my blog once I reach 60,000 pageviews. And now that I've reached the marker, I would just like to say that I have made an official Facebook page for Strawberry Bunny! Do like it if you want. Although if you don't want to, then okay... ;___; bye... #cries 

Okay, I kid! :)) I'm not forcing anyone to like my Facebook page; just do so if you want to, lol! I'll be cross-posting things there from various social media accounts so as to keep things more organized, as well as to make it easier for you guys to be updated with regards to the happenings of this blog and my life. You can like my page on the Like Box found at the right side of my blog, OR you can click HERE. Again, thank you for all your support! I'm so blessed to have readers like you and may you continue to support what I love to do in my spare time :") 

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