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2/06/2014 09:49:00 PM

DIY headband, Forever 21 necklace (top), SM Accessories necklace (bottom, old), Next button down, Just G striped top, Kids of BAYO skirt, Forever 21 socks, Adidas shoes

Let's take a moment of silence to remember the lovely cold weather we had here in Metro Manila...

R.I.P. the cold weather. Gone too soon, I tell you! <///3 I was savouring it to the fullest, too... *sniff*

Anyhoo, obviously these photos were taken when the cold was still pretty much alive in the city. I've been training myself to get used to the colder temperatures like those from East Asia (who I'm so envious of since they can still wear skirts even when it's snowing out, my gosh @_@), only to realize that they have skintone colored thermal tights that they wear when they go out in skirts T_T

In any case, since it's not that cold for us to resort to these thermal clothing (yet), light layers are the way to go to keep warm. I did feel a little bit giddy whenever I go to school and it'd feel so wonderfully cold in our hallways, and it felt like our classrooms have heaters instead of aircon. Totally felt like being in Hong Kong during the Holidays, heehee~ Hopefully this year's Ber months till January would be as cold as the climate we experienced the past few weeks. Tbh, I hope it lasts till February again, lol!

  (.   .)o

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  1. HAHAH! Same here in Cebu! I get excited every time it rains or it is cold cause those are the only times I get to wear my chunky sweaters!!! >_< Tee-hee :3

    1. Super! D: As much as it's cold in malls and other establishments, I still feel weird if I layer on chunky sweaters when I see other people in short shorts and a tank top strolling around @_@ Cold weather, come back please! ;___;

    2. UGH IKR? Hahaha but at least we are blessed with temps that are not too harsh :)

    3. I guess... Unless the intense heat counts as harsh :))) Summer Mode ON! \o/


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