Blue Valentine

2/14/2014 02:44:00 AM

DIY hair bow, Baleno top, Penshoppe button down, Dickies socks, Asianvogue shoes

Finally, an ootd post that's on time!! It's kinda funny how Ida and Shirlene were a bit surprised that I was wearing a skirt earlier today. Then I realized that I've been wearing jeans for the past 2 weeks due to the stress of the work load my classes are piling on me this term (my sartorial choices have been put on hold in my list of priorities). I also discovered that I was lacking a supply of jeans today so I had no choice but to resort to wearing a skirt after so long. I know, I can't believe I actually said that. Lol!

I've been having 6 hours of sleep or less for the past couple of days, and I find it weird that it's taking it's toll on me this fast. Normally (like the past terms), I would still be fine and dandy even when I get less than 8 hours of sleep constantly. But for some reason, the unhealthy practice is taking it's toll on me sooner than expected later. Fortunately for me though, I'm done with this week's deadlines for my classes, so I'm planning on enjoying my Valentine's weekend starting tomorrow (after my class of course). I gotta get these eye bags packing quick. No matter how much photoshopping or makeup I put, I can't get rid of these without making it look unnatural. Sigh... Sleep should work fine on them. Sleep actually sounds great right now.

  (.   .)o

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  1. OMG! You're so CUTE!
    Everything looks great on you, I'm in love with your blog <3
    Following you on facebook now :)


    1. Thank you Natalia! :") Please do visit again ❤


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