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1/06/2014 03:11:00 AM

DIY hair bow, Vanilla Pop top, Yhansy necklace, Forever 21 rings, So Fab boots

It's quite rare for me to have a photographer (besides myself) taking my outfit photos. And it's also rare for me to have the time to step out to actually take decent outfit photos beyond the four corners of where I live in. 

Given the time difference the season brings every "Fall/Winter" time, the sun sets earlier than during "Spring/Summer" even here in the Philippines. It's really frustrating, tbh. Especially since it's been slightly overcast with scattered rain falling on certain hours of the day for the past few weeks, being able to take photos with sunlight has been close to impossible! What's even more frustrating is when the sun is as its brightest during the wee hours of early morning, before lunchtime when everyone is practically savoring the extended sleeping hours granted during holiday break. I wake up seeing a bright sunny day thinking I can take photos, so I take a bath and prep. As soon as I finish prepping, it's suddenly all dark ang gloomy outside. A few minutes later, it starts to pour! I swear, Life has a million ways of trolling us all. Even fashion bloggers. Le foo!!

So when opportunity arose and le boyfriend and I spent our nth monthsary one day, I took what little amount of time Life gave us and were able to squeeze it in our sched to produce these photos! My heart is filled with happiness and gratitude for what Kenny was able to get in the short period of time we had, rushing to take these photos in case security guards suddenly wanted to shoo us away trolololol~

Le boyfriend is truly amazing ♡ Huzzah! Success! #HappyBlogger #HappierGirlfriend Everyone wins! 

  (.   .)o

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  1. What a lovely and sweet look! I love your skirt and bow :)

  2. You're so adorable! I love your style! :)


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