Lens Review: Lucius Lenses

1/27/2014 09:00:00 PM

Another lens review from me! This time though, I got lenses from Japanese Candy Online. They offer a lot of the cute circle/dolly lenses you see Japanese models like Tsubasa Masuwaka wear in makeup ads and Japanese magazines. The great news is, the one from Japanese Candy come at affordable prices, so your wallet still won't cry you a river when you buy a pair (or two, or three, lol) compared to buying contact lenses in optical stores.

This time, I was on the hunt to find the perfect pair of circle lenses that'll be bright/noticeable enough even without the light directly shining at my face like my other lenses. And I thank the heavens that the Lucius lenses answer my plea!

These lenses are 16.2mm in diameter (according to their bottle which has details on them as well) and they give a more natural dolly look for me. The first pair I tried was the brown one.

I've grown to love 16mm lenses more than the usual 14.5mm ones since they make my eyes look bigger in my photos especially the ones taken from afar (like for full-body shots). What I like about the color is that even though the brown-ness is kinda light when not worn, the color blends so well with my natural dark brown eyes and it creates some sort of hazelnut shade when I wear them (they remind me of how my hair color was over a year ago, lol).

Under daylight and a little bit of clouds in the sky (L), and indoor lighting with the light directly in front of my face (R). 

Their color is definitely more noticeable, I love it so much! You can really tell the quality of the lens' color when you don't need to use your camera's flash for the color to stand out. Plus, the black outer ring of these lenses aren't as thick as my previous lenses, so they don't make your eyes look as dark/black as it is.

The second pair I got was in blue. I was really disappointed with my previous blue lenses since I was expecting it to be more noticeable (without resorting to flash or having the light shining directly at my face), so I was immediately hunting for a better pair of blue (I was that unsatisfied *sigh*).

I was kinda worrying about its lightness. And when I saw the actual color, I was praying to God that hopefully they blend well with my eyes. They're like anime eye color just looking at the actual lenses imo.

I cannot begin to express how much I love this pair!

Under daylight and a little bit of clouds in the sky (L), and indoor lighting with the light directly in front of my face (R). 

If you follow me on Instagram (@justsephierojas), you probably would have seen a selfie I posted when I was shooting the photo on the right, lol. I was that excited about this pair! I'm so glad the blue hue blended with my dark brown irises well enough that it's not too bright, but not too dark either. Gosh, I feel like Goldilocks (no pun intended) looking for the one that's just right, har har!

All in all, I'm super happy with the results of these lenses. They're really comfy and the size is just right for me. The colors are amazing under any light setting, and their prices are so affordable, I'll most likely buy another set after 6-7 months! Thanks so much Japanese Candy!

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