Lens Review: Gretta Crystal Lenses

1/10/2014 02:23:00 AM

While dolly lenses have been growing on to me these past weeks, I'm still trying to get back into wearing colored circle lenses that aren't too big either. So since I didn't want to spend too much on FreshLook lenses that cost nearly 2-3 times as much as these circle lenses do, I resorted to purchasing another set of pairs online.

Do these lenses look familiar? If you watched my Dolly Makeup Tutorial that I made during the Holidays, then you should've seen them there. This post however is the official review I made for these lenses.

I got them from Dolly House, like the Tiffany lenses I got prior to these, with the intention of getting regular-sized lenses for everyday use. These Gretta Crystal lenses in Blue caught my attention with their cool icy-blue color that I was expecting to blend well with my natural dark brown eyes. I mean, just looking at the color of the lens, the lightness of its hue made me assume it'd look light but natural enough  on my eyes even without direct lighting.

When worn under normal daylight (L), When worn with light directly in front of me (R)

They're about 14.2mm in diameter, so I wouldn't recommend these lenses if you're looking for something to wear for photoshoots and the like. Their color may look cute as is, but I was really disappointed with the results when I wore them. 

With their size, they're good for everyday wear, but with their color being darker when worn (especially if you have dark irises like I do), it's besides the point to wear these lenses since it won't be noticeable unless you stare at my eyes under really strong light shining directly at my face.

The second pair I got from the same lens series is Gretta in Green.

I love how its shade of green is more towards the yellow side than the blue side of the spectrum. It kinda reminds me of lime.

As you can see, even if the lens holds a light color, it's still different when you wear them yourself.

When worn under normal daylight (L), When worn with light directly in front of me (R)

Fortunately, this pair of green lenses are better than the blue ones. At least the color's still pretty noticeable under daylight. And I love the vibrancy it has when the light's directly in front of me too. So it's safe to say that these green lenses are A-OK with me in any light setting. They're also 14.2mm in diameter so they're good for everyday wear.

All in all, I'd say this set of lenses are bitter-sweet for me. Just because the lenses look good as they are, it doesn't mean that they'll blend well with your eyes when you wear them yourself. Lesson learned! Either way, I will still wear both pairs when I go to school, but I'll most definitely look for a more vibrant pair of lenses while I'm at it, lol.

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