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1/14/2014 09:00:00 PM

I haven't worn these shoes since my accident in them. I don't think they're bad luck or anything, but they are a hazzard in a way. Plus, cobbled stones are so NOT a safe surface to walk on, especially stairs that are clad with them. But I digress. 

My sole (haha no pun intended) reason for resurrecting these shoes is all because its color goes so damn well with my sunflower-inspired outfit. I know, I know, kinda shallow. But hear me out! I didn't walk in them this time. I simply just wore them while standing for the photos I asked Den-den to take for me. I had flats conveniently placed near me (out of frame) for me to wear before and after my photos were taken. See? Loophole! Mwehehe~ Although I am kinda thinking of selling these boots someday...

Anyways, back to my outfit. Taking a break from all the stress the term gave me, Rach had her annual (at least I think it's gonna be an annual thing now) Holiday sleepover with me and Den-den. The three of us have been besties since 7th grade and damn that just made me feel old for a second, lol. This time, after waiting and praying really hard that the rain would stop falling just long enough for me to have photos taken outdoors (Rach's village has some cool places to take photos that aren't that far from her house), I finally got to take a proper outfit post wearing this adorable mustard skirt I got from Bayo!

Tbh, their collections have been eye candy for me since two years ago, but I never had the time to buy something from them (except when I bought their blue and white striped bikini for the past summer). And since mom and I had the opportunity to pass by 3 Bayo stores already, I knew I had to buy this mustard skirt when I saw it last. I've been looking for the right shade of yellow for a skirt for months now, and Bayo just had it at the right time for me, thank God! Love Bayo has a lot more cool and feminine items that are great for college kids who love a casual but polished feel to their outfits.

Cream and yellow give off a classy look with a youthful touch, don't you think? And yellow is great if you have fair skin. It'll make you look even fairer! Plus, with it being such a happy color, you'll end up being happy as well! I know I was trying not to grin from ear to ear when we were taking these photos. Rach was holding an umbrella for Den-den while I stood across the street from them hoping it wouldn't suddenly rain (with my heels on, I can't run for cover). And Rach kept telling funny stories that Den-den was encouraging since it was making me smile and laugh while she snapped away. It was pretty funny actually :))) Guess the yellow made us all feel happy even with such a gloomy weather :)

DIY hair bow, SM Ladies Fashion top, Love Bayo skirt, Yhansy necklaces, Forever 21 rings and socks, Asianvogue shoes (old)

Oh, and my thoughts on the book I'm holding here? I love the book. The story's set in 1986 (although I'm not sure if kids these days would know what a casette tape was) during a whole school year starring two 16 year old kids learning about love. I gotta say, teenage relationships sound pretty cliche, but the way Rainbow Rowell wrote it, it was pretty engaging. I couldn't put it down. It was definitely realistic and none of those "oh my gosh, you make me wanna barf with your aweful cheesiness" kind of lines. As much as first love is cheesy and whatever, I appreciated the witty remarks that make the characters so lovable.

[ - WARNING: Spoiler comes beyond this point. If you don't wanna know what the ending is, then read the last paragraph instead. - ]


The ending was okay, but it wasn't how I expected it to be, which is probably what a lot of people think as well. It wasn't horrible like "god dammit I read everything for this crap??" or "dafuq did I just read?" or worse, "#$%@ *throws away the book*". It was just left in the open for a million different interpretations. It still wasn't as bad as The Fault in out Stars for me though, but that's just my opinion and I digress (I'm hoping the movie would be better than the book, pleaseohplease).

On a lighter note, am I alone in thinking Park is totally cool and that I don't really see him as a Korean kid standing at 5'4" in terms of height? He seems like a 5'6" kind of Tae Kwon Do master or something (what with all the kicking and stretching they do in that martial art) lol. In any case, he's hot. :)))

  (.   .)o

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