Lens Review: Tiffany Cocktail Dolly Lenses

12/04/2013 01:52:00 AM

I don't know how long it's been since I've last worn contact lenses (for medical reasons or for sartorial purposes). But I have been contemplating on buying a pair or two for the longest time. And since one of my college friends, Maiko, wears cute dolly lenses every time I see her in class, I asked her if I could order along with her purchases the next time she makes a transaction. Fortunately she agreed, so the day after I got my orders from her, I immediately tried out both pairs I got to see how they looked.

Looking through the catalogues of Dolly House on Facebook made me decide on getting something natural looking. So amongst all the other colors and styles they had, I opted to pick from the simple Tiffany Cocktail lenses. This way I won't have any difficulty in matching lenses with my outfits for photos.

The first one I got was Vodka in Gray. The packaging was as I expected it to be: in a tiny bottle with the lens submerged in liquid. Just like many other fashion-related contact lenses being sold online and abroad. It's kinda cute, compared to the lenses you normally get over the counter in optical stores that cost waaaay more than this pair. You could actually re-use these bottles for design purposes, but I digress.

I took out the pair from the bottles and placed them in the free cases that came with the package (that I did not know I was getting, so hurrah for the free case!) for a clearer view of the details and colors.

Here's the actual product being worn my yours truly under ambient lighting on a cloudy day. It's not that noticeable, tbh. Then again, I have like, dark brown eyes, so the actual color of the lenses blend to a darker shade due to my dark irises. I didn't expect them to be this dark though.


This is how they look on me when the light is directly shining in front of me. So they are grey in color, just not that noticeable. I think it's because of the black ring on the outer part.

The other pair I got was Vodka in Brown. Both pairs are 16mm, definitely bigger than my usual 13-14mm from FreshLook that I wore years ago. Heck, I was happily surprised how much more dolly-eyed I looked in these pairs than if I wore regular OTC lenses. Perfect for photoshoots, for sure!

Sigh, if only my eyes were naturally this brown~ My mom has close to black irises, so it out-weighs my dad's brown eyes. Hence my dark brown irises ;___; Oh well, contact lenses are always an option.

Here's the actual product worn under a not-so-cloudy day with ambient lighting again. Like I said it's not that noticeable. I was also expecting the color to pop at least (especially since I already have dark brown eyes), regardless of my dark-colored irises. But oh well!


It kinda looks like the same color as my hair when the light is directly in front of me. Not bad, right? It looks pretty natural imo.

As a whole, these 16mm lenses are totally cute for photoshoots and outfit documentations like what I do in this blog. It's even good for makeup tutorials! If your objective is to have bigger dolly eyes (especially for photos), then these lenses are totally worth it. However, if you don't want people thinking you're weird wearing contact lenses making you look like you have huge bug-eyes (ala Powerpuff Girls or something) but would just like to emphasize your eyes more, then I suggest you stick to 13-14mm lenses instead for everyday looks. These lenses may look normal in photos (as most exaggerated things do) but in reality it's pretty intense. Now I get why most Japanese and Korean girls wear them, but I'll save that one for later. It's just like how you have to wear a certain amount of makeup for it to emerge in photos when it looks overdone irl.

As for comfort, I'd say it's good. It's soft and it doesn't irritate my eyes. Plus, I don't have to keep lubricating my eyes whenever it's cold and my eyes tend to get dry. It was just a little difficult to put on my eyes the first time I wore it, then again that might just have to do with my testing the waters again after so long.

Packaging-wise, it's cute and simple. However I do have a little complaint when I tried to open the bottle. It was like, trying to open a crab shell with your bare hands and nails... It took me a few minutes to pry the lid open, ripping the aluminum seal underneath the lid connected to the cork thing sealing the opening of the bottle! The seal on the lid and aluminum thing was challenging. Even more challenging than opening a soda bottle T__T' I understand it's to seal the product shut so it won't leak and get contaminated and all, but still ;___; My nails almost cried..

Anyhoo! All in all, I'm loving these lenses. I'm definitely wearing them when I take outfit shots for this blog. Maybe I'll get myself other Tiffany Cocktail Vodka Lenses in other colors too.

* Product Rating: *
Comfort   -   4/4
Product Color (not worn)   -   2.5/4
Size when worn   -   4/4
Color when Worn   -   2.5/4

  (.   .)o

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  1. Thanks for the review! I love contact lenses and love the "dolly effect" and it just so happens that mine expired last week. Really need to get new ones and I think I'm gonna buy the same as yours! You look pretty :) Ang ganda mo.


    1. Thank you Kylie! :D The dolly effect's really popular in Japan and Korea, so if you're into those things I'm sure it's perfect for you :) But like I said, it may look normal sized in my photos, but in real life they're really big @.@

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Nicole! :) I'm thinking of getting green and blue but in regular 14mm :P


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