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12/19/2013 06:04:00 PM

I could never get tired of seeing these boys. I swear, I'm being converted into so many things these days. First Kenny converts me to be a Tolkien fan having watched the extended editions (EE) of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy AND The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey for a few saturdates we had at my house. Then he and his family got a shih tzu puppy a few months ago (which originally I found normal to get a shih tzu puppy of all breeds), but my heart just dog-gone (lol, pun intended) melted with the little guy's cuteness~!! #Kawaii #FinthePuppy This boy needs an instagram of his own, I swear.

Ah~ A boy and his dog. Such a wonderful bond right there! ♡

I came from my Web Animation finals/submission the morning of our date, so I ended up picking Kenny up at his place after he came home from his dentist appointment since it was on the way to the mall. Of course once we get to the mall, it'll be all about The Hobbit, so I asked Kenny if he could take my photos before we left their neighborhood instead. And like he promised, I could have Fin with me in these set of photos as well (click here for the last set of photos with Fin). 

It was at the peek of noon and the sun was at its highest point in the sky, so we had to rush-rush-rush taking these set of photos under the shade with Fin since it was too scortching hot. In all fairness, the photos looked great for a 10-minute session. Lol. #RecordTime

Although this little guy was a bit of a diva. A totally cute diva nonetheless. He kept looking everywhere else except at the camera @_@' We had to get his attention a lot of times, and whenever I do call his name, he'd just look at me, lick his nose, then look away. D: I feel so neglected =)))


Vanilla Pop sweater, beanie's a gift from Shirlene, TerraNova skirt, Forever 21 socks, Asianvogue boots (old)

Looking at my photos again, Fin kinda reminds me of the dwarves in the LOTR/Hobbit franchise. He needs a haircut, that's for sure! Lol.

As for my outfit, I already saw this look in my head as soon as I saw the sweater from Vanilla Pop's 8th collection. I immediately wanted this sweater because 1) I need more pink clothing in my closet, 2) the bone design is totally adorable, and 3) you can't have "too many" pullovers/cardigans/sweater in your closet. I couldn't resist. It totally matched with Fin, I HAD to get it. :))) So let's pretend I'm not in 365 days of Summer Philippines, and let's imagine me in a colder place, like say, New York/Korea or something with this outfit, yeah? :))

On a totally different light, everything I'm wearing here is a cute way to hide certain insecurities girls may have these days. Do you have colored hair and your roots are showing but you're too busy to have them re-touched? Wear a hat/beanie, head piece to take the attention away from aweful roots that show! Wanna eat a lot but your belly is the first thing that bloats after every meal? Wear an oversized top or a pullover/sweater (curse them girls who have flat tummies even after gorging in a buffet D: lol, I kid)! Have nice, shapely hips but are insecure of your not-so-toned thighs? Wear a pleated skirt! Getting lazy to shave/wax your legs but still wanna rock a cute skirt/shorts outdoors? Thigh-high socks are the way to go! Last but not least, want some extra height but are afraid of not being poised and graceful with heels? Settle for platform boots/shoes! See? All your insecurities have solutions to them, temporarily at least, har har!

Till next time, Fin! ♡

After buying tickets for the movie, Kenny and I had a quick lunch at one of the places I love dining in. Pancake House's Classic Spaghetti has got to be my favorite spaghetti of all time. I could eat this everyday~

Kenny was craving for some Seafood Gambero, which also tasted great. Kinda tasted like a seafood version of their classic spaghetti. It's a perfect alternative for the health-conscious.

At this point, movie's over (*ahem* IT WAS SO ASDFGHJKL; COOL *ahem*), and for dessert, some ice cream and a milkshake from Dairy Queen! My favorite Strawberry Kitkat Blizzard, and Kenny's Chocolate milkshake reminds me so much of our first date :")

I can't wait till they release the extended edition of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I swear I'll watch everything again, all EEs from the LOTR trilogy to the two Hobbit movies before the last movie gets released. Wow, I'm such a geek now, thanks to le boyfriend trolololololol.

At this point I changed my contact lenses from my 16mm dolly lens that I wore for my blog photos with Fin to 14.2mm blue ones (although with the sun setting at this point, it's not noticeable at all), took off my falsies, and just settled for a more natural look for my date. I still need to get used to wearing lenses in cold places since they tend to dry up. But I'll save my lens review for a separate post. :)

Of course I won't end this post without a doodle of my ootd! My friends have been quite amazed at how accurate my ootd sketches are with my actual outfit photos. I'm quite pleased with their reactions, tbh. I myself don't publish my photos unless I get to finish drawing them first, lol. Hopefully I can continue this for my succeeding posts :)

  (.   .)o

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  1. Very cute and nice! :)


    1. Thank you Victor! :D Stay warm this season, okay? :) Happy Holidays!

  2. Such a cutie :)

    1. Thank you Benj! :D I'm sure Fin says thank you too :P


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