Instagram Collection: 2013 in 4x4

12/30/2013 11:10:00 PM

2013 was an interesting year for me, and some of the memorable life events happened beyond what I posted in my blog. So here I am with a huge photo dump from my Instagram account chronicling bits and pieces of what helped make 2013 a year to remember.

I resurrected my IG account back in April of this year after leaving it untouched since August 2012. I know, such a long period of hiatus, right? Hopefully I get to update my account more often in 2014. *fingers crossed* Here's the first photo I took after 8 months of absence from the IG community. S&R's like the Walmart of Metro Manila and my family loves lunching there from time to time. Their pizza's just awesome!

Read the Sunday comics when we visited my uncle and grandma's house after lunch. I actually learned something about economics from the Calvin and Hobbes strip.

Pancake House has got to have arguably the best spaghetti in town. If I'm ready to binge, I'd order another plate of their classic spaghetti aside from this platter.

Waffles > Pancakes for me. Mango waffle from Pancake House is divine~

Guilty pleasure appetizer in Shakey's. Mojo's n Dip is my love!

And I always order their Hawaiian Delight (the more pineapples, the better), thin crust, large size.

Late night snack from doing schoolwork. I still prefer the Chewy Chips Ahoy dipped in milk tho, but Cream-O cookies taste good enough.

Rare selfie with Kenny after taking my ootd (see full post here).

Sunday brunch with the family. Having our usual spam and scrambled eggs, nomnomnom!

On the same day, we went on a spur of the moment trip to Manila Ocean Park. Had some ice cream, nachos, and hotdogs after going around the aquarium. (More photos of this trip here).

I loved the commercial Nestle made for this line of ice cream. But Belgiam Chocolate Praline is my favorite among the three. It tastes like heaven~

Rainy season has come by this point and Archie has been my fave companion on rainy days.

Last photo taken with my "mermaid hair". I just finished taking a bath and figured a mandatory awkward selfie was in order before a cut.

Hey there Dave! You were such a good actor in Despicable Me 2, lol. Loved the movie. There wasn't a dull moment where the entire cinema wasn't cracking up. I wanna watch it again!

Wise words from an article I read in Mega magazine while having my hair cut.

Mandatory awkward mirror shot after a cut. Got rid of my layers and went for a straight cut. Everyone said it looked so K-Pop lol!

Dessert from BonChon! Mangoes and Cream crepe and Apple Caramel crepe, yum~!

My two babies! Logan, my Wolf in Sheep's clothing, and baby Holly, my Sheep in Wolf's clothing. Kawaii~!! 

Class picture! My bedtime buddies who occupy most of my bed. They protect me from those scary thunder claps during the stormy season. Kawaii overload!! ♡

Archie's The Married Life has got me HOOKED. I love how they made the story have two possibilities yet it kinda meets at certain points that I don't know how the writers still keep track with the story lines @_@ I've always been Team Betty, but Veronica's convincing me to love her more because of this series. Oh, and can I just say. Jughead and Reggie are total hotties! ♡

Torikatsu bento in Red Kimono for me,

Fried dory bento for my brother. Damn, it was so good, but we were both so full before we got to finish everything. @__@ 

Red Kimono's cookie crumble is so addicting. This is prolly 80% the reason why my family keeps coming back to eat there, lol.

BonChon Ko-Yo on a gloomy day. I can never say no to ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Kinda felt good when I saw this on my EAF for the recently concluded term. But now that I look at my EAF for next term with the same statement on it, I feel anxious. Not ready to graduate yet!

Kenny convinced me to buy this during the Metro Manila International Book Fair that was held in SMX Convention center (more about that here). Love the story. If I'm right, I think this was the one that inspired the Archie company to produce the Married Life series for a more in-depth futuristic storyline for the Riverdale Gang.

First time to try the Blue Bunny ice cream in S&R. It was a cold day, but we didn't care. The ice cream was goooood~ Can you guess which one was mine? :P

Started to get into David Levithan books, beginning with this.

Had this waiting in the wings ready for pick up after I finished How They Met and other stories.

Since I stopped cutting my fringe, I developed a consciousness for my eyebrows. Grooming and maintaining them has been my priorities for a while since they couldn't hide behind me fringe anymore. So I got these items from Etude House, and I've been using them a lot ever since.

With all the hype this book was causing, I was excited to finally be able to read it. To my dismay, it wasn't as I expected it to be, the way people were building it up so much. Tbh, I was disappointed and annoyed at the whole time I was reading the book; I don't wanna read it again. After my experience with this book, every time one of my friends say "OMG this book is amazing!" I have to read it to see for myself if it really was as amazing as they said it was or just blah. But to each their own, right? I just wish the movie's gonna be better.

Was able to dig this thing up after how many years! It was a breath of fresh air after my TFIOS experience. Wish they made us read this for a book report requirement back in high school or something. It's totally worth the read.

Snacks from Ilo-ilo that my grandmother brought for us. Caramel bars are my fave!

My awesome hair stylist chopped off 4 inches of my hair for a more refreshing look. Goodbye damage! Hello low-maintenance hair! Thanks as always to Allistair Gadiana of Ness Astilla Salon in Libertad! ♡

Another David Levithan read for me. This was a very interesting book, actually. The story's quite unique. The ending however (spoiler alert) was an open ending.

Subspace date with my LoL friends! One of my favorite places to hangout with my favorite people from high school. I left early to catch the epic championship game between UST and DLSU. (More about this post here).

Paper Towns was indeed better than TFIOS, but I find that John Green produces the middle part of his books to be a tad bit dragging. I practically skipped a few chapters of the book and found that the ending was as I predicted it to be. I still prefer David Levithan over John Green books, but maybe that's just me.

One book every fashionista should have. Girls would love the clothes, and Boys will learn a lot from all the fashion jargons listed inside (to better understand their girlfriends/girl friends of course lol). The photos are just divine, and the price for this book is a complete steal! I understand why this book is selling like pancakes. Tricia Gosingtian did magnificent in translating what every girl (or girl at heart) needs in her closet (with good reason too!)

Do you see what I see? Love on our door step. ♡

Gotti's pizza for dinner. Traditional Italian pizza, so good. I cry.

Celebrated a milestone for my blog! A little over a year old and already, I have reached 50k page views! Thank you for all the support! I couldn't have done it without you guys! ♥♥

I got so addicted to these for a few weeks. One does not simply say no to hazelnut chocolate.

Had a quick snack at McDonald's McCafe after visiting my late grandfather and great grandma. Coffee and Cakes for a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Leafy greens for dinner! Spinach, brocolli, and lots of garlic. So healthy~ I still prefer Pechay/BokChoi over any veggie.

Last year's Halloween costume where I dressed up as Red Riding Hood and her hipster wolf, lol. I might prolly go blonde every Halloween at this point, haha!

Gotti's Chicken Parmigiana is a guilty pleasure. It tastes so good, but I feel so over-stuffed every time I eat it. I have a mini debate session with myself whenever I feel like ordering it. So bitter-sweet.

If I could take photos of clouds everyday, I would. They always look so fluffy!

First time I used LINE Camera and this was what I did to a random photo of Heritage park.

First time I cooked Pork Stew for dinner since my brother had to leave for work earlier than expected. Success! Didn't burn the kitchen \o/

Dropped by Red Ribbon to buy a cake for my brother. Check out their cakes!

Sweet corn with spinach and garlic. Mom thought that if we added sweet corn, it'd balance out the bitterness of the spinach. I still don't like spinach unless it's deep fried and crunchy. o m o'

Got carried away when we saw this (drowned in tons of stickers). Mint Truffle Kisses!! I fell in love! ♡ Holiday chocolates seemed so scarce this year, but this was the cherry on top of the whole sundae. 

Adorable Fin photos!!! (More about it here) He looked a bit like Gadalf in the first photo imo. SUPER CUTIE!! ♥♥♥ 

Mushroom Bruschetta from Gotti's is a family favorite for appetizers whenever we have dinner there. Cheese AND Mushroom? Heaven.

First time I cooked breakfast for me,

and my brother one day. Spam, rice, cheese omelette, kiwi and apple. Wish I was this inspired everyday, hahaha! Lazy life overpowers my creativity and determination to cook.

Cake for tea time! Red Ribbon's Tiramisu slice from my brother's birthday cake. Yum!

My beauty essentials for whenever I take photos. If I had to narrow it down to 5 items, it'd be these five items from Etude House.

Saw this little cutie one Sunday afternoon!

One random afternoon, the sky decided it'd have cotton candy clouds. Mother Nature really looks lovely.

Cute towel art and orchids c/o Marriott Phuket. Couldn't dismantle these two, so the house keeping kept surprising us with orchids. So sweet! ♥ (More about it here)

Got some dolly lenses for the first time. I also tried out a new makeup routine, so an awkward selfie was in order. (Lens review here.)

First ootd doodle I made. I've been doodling my ootds for my outfit posts since. It's prolly the reason why I take a longer time publishing my next blog post. But I think it's cute, don't you? :)

Oh, Christmas tree. Oh, Christmas tree! It was a joint effort putting this up, I even had Kenny help me decorate it. But it looks good!

Second selfie with similar makeup routine and lenses as the first dolly lens selfie. (Lens review here.)

Ootd doodle of my selfie above. 

 I could eat Japanese food every day if I could. Salmon sashimi, Crunchy Kani Maki, and the new Cookie Crumble from Red Kimono. My usual order every time I join my parents for dinner every Friday.

Even my ootd doodle has an Archie comic at hand! Lol!

Photo collage of my 12 Days of Christmas 2012 series last year. Kinda disappointed I didn't get to do the series again this year due to scheduling conflicts (boo school, I hate you for this). But maybe next year, I can do it again! Hoping for the best! \o/

First time I wore a red lippie for my blog (more about it here). When laziness strikes, wear some sunnies to cover the lack of eye makeup, haha! #FashionBloggerTactics

Finger Candy from Forever 21~ Bunny Love! My fingers are a size 6 (based on Forever 21 ring sizes), and my pinky finger is a size 4, so as much as I wanna order rings online, I still refrain from doing so since I'm not sure if they'd fit right :( Thank God, Forever 21's near my house :))

Asian Santa who reminds me of an old Chinese Monk who lives in the mountains like in the cartoons. Oh, and a sock beside him. Christmas tree ornaments that are so old, but still so cute!

Ootd sketch of me and Fin! Kenny was so impressed at how accurate I got Fin, lol.

My first Holiday read. Finished the book in one sitting. It was good. Another book with an open ending, but I'll discuss my thoughts more in a separate post. It's still worth reading though.

Photo taken on my Christmas date with Kenny. Rushed photo session for this one. (More about it here.)

Mom kept all our regular glasses and mugs and replaced them with Christmas mugs. I find it cute how we're all kinda matchy-matchy, heehee~

What Kenny and I ate during our Christmas date. Pancake House is a guilty pleasure, I swear!

Dropped by Just G and bought these yummy looking accessories. I'm getting ready for Spring/Summer 2014, even though the Holidays aren't even over yet, haha!

My favorite onion rings in town. I'm so glad Burger King's finally got a branch in Megamall open. Now I'm just waiting for the branch in Tiendesitas to open so it'd be nearer my house.

Holiday ootd doodle! Giving Charlie the spotlight on my blog once again since it's his time of the year.

Did a quick Holiday doodle of me and my two besties, Rach and Den-den with us wearing matchy-matchy sweaters in our fave colors, and clips of our fave animals. Drew this really quick when we had a sleepover once school was on break.

"Do you wanna build a snowman?" I know everyone's tired of hearing that, but I still haven't watched Frozen (am I missing a lot?) Hopefully soon, I'll get to watch it. This little guy is always sitting on my Ninang's couch every time we spend our annual Christmas lunch at their place. He's so adorable, I wanna take him home! :))

My new friends send their Holiday Greetings once we got home on Christmas day. Now I can play real life Super Mario, hahaha!

First time I ever made a vlog/video tutorial/review on my blog. It shows how I do my Dolly Makeup for my blog photos using items from my favorite beauty store, and products that I've been accustomed with for so long. You can watch the whole tutorial here.

Holiday food packaging is one of the cutest things I look forward too during this season. This one's the cover of the box of brownies Dad bought from Purple Oven. Too cute for words!

Got a cute angel necklace from St. Paul's store. Now an angel guards me from evil, and is closer to my heart for protection.

Craving for some Fish 'n Chips by the poolside like the ones I ate in Phuket! Definitely one of the best vacations I've had! (More about it here).

Last but not the least, the one thing I know how to make without being afraid I'd burn anything. Grilled Cheese sandwiches are my forte~ Mwehehehe! Snack time for my family.

Phew! That was a lot. Hopefully I'd make more memories this coming year. I'd probably make a quarterly post of my IG photo collection so as not to bombard my blog with so many photos all at once @__@' Organization is key! \o/ Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, @justsephierojas \:D/

Stay safe, and may you guys have a blessed new year!

  (.   .)o

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