Like Clockwork

11/05/2013 12:32:00 AM

 SM Accessories hat, H&M earrings, SM GTW blazer, Phuket shirt, Folio pencil skirt, Dickies socks, SM Store flats

Last photos of me for the month of October. Our school declared no classes on the 31st to give students and workers a time to travel to their respective provinces for the Undas weekend (All Saints Day + All Souls Day). Gian was so passionate about going to school in costume for an early halloween celebration (since it's technically our last halloween as college students, and he missed out on last year's celebration) that I helped him out with some of the stuff to complete his costume, lol. Had to bring this bowler hat of mine to school not knowing exactly what his costume was, only to find out that he was intending to dress up as Alex from Clockwork Orange. A few minutes of preparation later, we were practically clamoring to take photos while there was still enough sun out (grrr, the cons of the -ber months! Early sunsets can be such a pain sometimes T__T')

With it being a Wednesday, I had to go to school in corporate attire yet again for my BIZ class (prof gives plus points if you're in proper business attire, and God knows I need them plus points). But since I'm traumatized from wearing heels for too long since my little fall last year, I always wear flats instead unless needed. Like I said before, I don't like being conformed to wearing plain, borning colors. Just because I'm asked to wear something corporate doesn't mean I need to look blah, right? So if you're working in a corporation that requires you to wear buttondowns and pencil skirts 9-5 for five days a week, it would help if you'd wear something that'd make you feel happy. 

Happy colors = Happy feeling! 

Personally, I'm the type of person who would much rather hangout with an intimate group of friends at a cafe/resto, than to party the night away with random people or acquaintances I can barely remember where I met. No, I'm not a social butterfly like some people would think I am. I need to be with someone I've known so long and am close to whenever I attend events (cue awkward turtle). So I rarely do the whole Day-to-Night outfits even if I can. For this outfit, wearing a shirt, flats and a bowler hat makes it look casual enough to go out with your friends (like a lunch date or whatnot) if you're coming from work. Switch your flats with heels, a blouse for your shirt, disregard the bowler hat and you're ready for work! Easy as pie, yes?

BTW, thanks to Gian for taking my photos!

  (.   .)o

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  1. I love this outfit! Well, I'm a sucker for any bright blazer lol. Love that Phuket shirt! I lived in Thailand for 8 years because my dad was the ambassador there, pero never ako pumunta sa Phuket :( lol.

    1. Thanks Kylie! :) I'm loving blazers these days too :P I've only been to Bangkok and Phuket in Thailand, both are totally different from the other. Where'd you live in Thailand before? :o You should visit Phuket! It's totally awesome! \:D/


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