Eazy Fashion: The Cat's Meow

11/23/2013 12:26:00 AM

When I decided to chop my hair off a few months ago, everyone at the salon gave me the "Are you crazy?? O_o" look for wanting to cut my hair short so suddenly. They kept asking me "Are you sure you wanna do this?" like, every 5 minutes or so thinking I might regret this impulsive decision. But after the initial cut, they started to understand why I wanted the drastic change in my life concerning my hair. Having short hair is such a low-maintenance thing compared to having long locks that need to be styled juuust right especially when caps/hats/hair accessories are in the equation. Beanies too!

When I graduated in high school and had my hair short after asdfghjkl; years before that, I was glad that my short hair minimized my horrible hat hair from sporting the graduation cap for around 3+ hours in the humidity of our open-aired gymnasium (under construction back then, ugh!) Imagine having lunch (in public) after the grad ceremony with a huge round dent on your hair... The HORROR. I mean, I'm proud I graduated high school, but I'd rather not show it through the dent on my head caused by my graduation cap, y'know? With short hair (especially if you have it layered), hat hair is almost close to impossible!

This black beanie that I got from Eazy Fashion has got to be one of the cutest things I saw in their updated caps/hats catalogue. I'm such a sucker for anything cute (and shiny), and when I saw this beanie last year circulating around fashion sites, I knew I had to make sure I have one this year. Beanies are all and well for the colder months. It was a hit last year, it's surely a hit this year too (especially in the colder areas)! And you can't go wrong with black either. But if you want something brighter, Eazy Fashion has this baby in many other different colors. I've got my eye on the red, yellow and blue already.

Eazy Fashion beanie, SM Ladies Fashion vest (old), Never Been Kissed dress (old), FashionCookie ShoeAvenue shoes

You can wear a beanie with a simple tee and jeans like everyone does, or you can wear it as a statement piece to compliment your ootd. Mixing and matching styles to create a different yet unified look is what I'm trying to do here. Taking black as my main color, I added some blues and grays to make them pop beyond all the black. A cute dress and beanie like this can indeed be spiced up with a studded vest and laced up boots (heels are optional) for an edgy-meets-cutie look, don't you agree? And with all the black, it actually looks coherent and put-together.

Eazy Fashion beanie, skirt and watch, Next button down, People are People top (old), Converse shoes

Since the weather here in the Philippines can get a little schizo in one day, I skipped the thick denim jacket and opted for a similar feel with a thinner denim-looking button down instead. I feel like this could be a cute look taking inspiration from ulzzang street fashion, or (of all things) the CYMK ink bottles of an ink-jet printer, lolz! This can be an option for when you're hanging out with your friends in school or catching up on a lunch date, or even just spending the day out with your family. A beanie can totally add some oomph to your entire look. Imagine this outfit of mine without it. 

Eazy Fashion beanie, Oh My Glob top, Shopwise earrings (old), Forever 21 rings, Esprit socks, FashionCookie ShoeAvenue shoes

Last but not the least, something that I kinda took literally when I got the cat-ear beanie is styling it with a cat-faced pullover. I swear, I'm milking every moment of my youth (please, I hope it lasts forever trololololol #PeterPanSyndrome right here) and dressing in comfy-cutie style is the way I've been going since I found my personal style. Red + Black and White has never failed, and I figured adding yellow would just make it more interesting and less predictable.

All in all, as much as I'm also guilty of wearing beanies with a shirt and skinny jeans and a cardigan on lazy days, I tried my best to give a different vibe to the skater girl meets boho chic looks that usually go with the typical beanie. I do hope this helped, even just a little. Fashion doesn't have limits, so branching out of your usual choices can be something that might serve you well. As long as you're comfortable, it's all good. :)

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