Ahoy there, Fin!

11/18/2013 08:03:00 PM

Back to blogging for me! Due to the rough times Central Philippines has experienced from the recent Typhoon Haiyan, I thought it was only right to not blog for a while. Good news is that relief operations are running good now, and slowly but surely, people are rebuilding their lives from the aftermath. You can check out this site to know more about how you can help the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Thank you to all those who have already helped! No words can express how much we're all thankful for all the help that came pouring in since the calamity. If we all continue to help them out, everything will be alright for sure.


I've always wanted a dog. Like a husky or a golden retriever. For a little girl like myself, I've always been fond of big dogs, it's so ironic. I wasn't much of a fan of little dogs since my grandmother got herself a chihuahua as a companion many years ago. Little dogs for me equate ferocity. Chihuahua's especially. They're like little devil dogs, if you ask me @.@ Just looking at them brings chills down my spine... (I blame my grandmother's dog for this). They're so small and aggressive, I'm afraid of them possibly biting my fingers off when I pet them (if I could actually pet them) or worse, accidentaly stepping on them or sitting on them because of their size. 

This little guy's the exception to that rule though. Kenny and his family recently got a Shi Tzu puppy named Fin. Normally, I'm not a huge fan of Shi Tzus since they're pretty common in my neighborhood (it's like every corner in my neighborhood there's a house that owns one or two Shi Tzus.) But Fin is just too adorable for words! He's like a big hyperactive meatball who just likes to have fun! Just looking at him will make you smile~ Btw he kinda reminds me of Gandalf in this photo. It must be the fur, lolz. "Woof! You shall not pass! Woof!"

He's so fat, and adorable, and fat, kyaaaaa kawaiiii~!! You can't help but want to hug him ♡ 

Huhuhu I could just take photos of you and your chubby cuteness aaaaaall day if I could!! 

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It was a little tiring taking photos with him since he was so hyper without a leash. Either I'm getting old or Fin's got more energy that I do. Maybe I should get back to doing some yoga again so I can keep up with this little pup.

On a side note: I'm wearing red, white and blue here to say I'm proud of being a Filipino. Truly, the Filipino spirit will not be trampled on, but it was still reassuring to see the whole world pitching in to help out our fellow Filipinos in times of crisis. The sun will shine again in time. ☀

BTW, thanks to Kenny for taking our photos! ♡

  (.   .)o

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