The Fault In Our Stars

10/04/2013 11:47:00 PM

SM Accessories hat, Folio blazer, SM GTW dress (old), Dickies socks, Asianvogue shoes (old)

Hello "new" hair!! For those of you who have been following me on Instagram (@justsephierojas), you might've already seen my fresh new cut that I got last Sunday when I posted it there (blow dried inwards though). Yes, that's right. I had my hair chopped off! It's not really new for me sporting shorter hair since I had my hair short when I was a kid a lot. Then I had a phase in my grade school years when I told my mom that I wanna grow my hair long (she was a bit against my having really long hair because it made me look older -- which is totally true). 

I've had it long, short, and mid-length, but for some reason, I always manage to gear towards chopping it short whenever I'm nearing my graduation... Same thing happened to me during my senior high school years just two days before our Senior Grad Ball. 

Because of all the styling I did with my hair during my Cue days for the play (straightening it, curling it, hair spray, mousse, etc.), I had no other choice but to get a drastic cut to get rid of all the damage. Thus came the birth of my "Alice" hair (although back then it was a little longer than my hair right now). I had my hair cut short, making Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2, and Alice Cullen circa New Moon as my pegs (I added Katy Perry, Iman, Na Yeon and Ham Eun Jung of T-Ara, and Go Jun Hee). When I went to school the next day, people started calling me Alice making a reference to Alice Cullen's short "pixie" cut in New Moon. Then people started asking me how I'm gonna style it in time for grad ball that weekend. I for one wasn't that at all worried. The change is totally refreshing~ ❤

I'm considering my haircut something "new" now since I realized the other day that I started this blog with mid-length hair already, even though technically this length of hairstyle is not that all too new for me. It's still new for this blog. My taste in fashion hasn't at all changed that much, but it may be tweeked to cater to my "new" hair. It must be an age thing too, lol! Let's see how much I can tweek my hair to match my personal sartorial choices. #challengeaccepted

With October having its start a couple of days ago, I'm already taking a liking to the "fall" fashion for this year. I've been eyeing this blazer for weeks now every time I accompany Mom to the Ladies corporate wear area of the SM Store in Megamall. And every time I see this baby, I have that feeling that it wants me to buy it so bad! Fortunately Mom wasn't satisfied with one of her purchases so she had it exchanged for this one. How lucky am I?! The stars on the inner lining is just to die for (no pun intended with the title of this post).

I'm equally excited that bowler hats are back as well! How I miss thee~ When I saw these on the shelves, I knew I had to buy a few more. Now I have 5 of them (clearly I may have an addiction to hats no matter what hair style I sport, lol)! I'm still looking out for a beige bowler hat though! (Obviously this addiction is sticking around for a while.)

All in all, I'm so glad I cut my hair short again! The maintenance is totally giving me a break! After all the stuff I had to do to make sure my long hair looked good and was not as damaged as I made to be before (lesson learned). With my hair short again, I don't have to worry about waiting for it to dry in time, my wet hair staining my clothes when I'm late for school, do I tie my hair up for a certain look or should I let it down, should I curl it or leave it straight, styling it to look just right and not at all half-assed, etc (it's so hard being a girl!) All I have to do now is wash my hair, and let it air-dry. Man, I'm loving this laid-back lifestyle! *Hallelujah chorus*

  (.   .)o

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  1. Been visiting your blog from time to time, and I must say this came in such a shock to me :O I adored how you always look like a doll with your old hair but now you look a bit more mature and classy (in my opinion) with that hair style..but hey that's not a bad thing right? :) its something that would just suit your age~

    1. Thank you for dropping by again! :D Lol, it came to a shock for my profs too especially since I started this term with long hair :P I think I understand the mature and classy feel to it. Sometimes I do feel that way too with this length of hair (with side swept bangs too!) And I also miss my long hair from time to time as well (especially getting to curl it ;__;). But it's not bad to change one's look once in a while :> I'm glad "mature and classy" is what you think and not like you hate it or anything :))

      Pros and Cons with hairstyles are always gonna be there. Longer ones can be styled more than shorter looks, but styling it often can lead to damages too (plus maintenance can be such a b---- sometimes) :( I am however, enjoying the shorter shower times with my shorter hair, lol! More time to sleep in, in the morning :P I could always whip out my blonde wig again if I feel like having long hair :D

  2. I adore your outfit! I'm such a "blazer" person and when I read this blog post, I realized I don't have a yellow one yet! Haha. Love how you paired it with blue. xo

    1. Thanks Kylie! :D I'm slowly stocking up on blazers too these days. Thinking ahead in case I need them after graduation when I'm working already, lol! :P They work well for casual get-ups as well :3


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