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I have no idea how long it's been since I've last visited Subspace. It was definitely back in my Tumblr days when I started blogging about stuff there (then I transferred to Blogger soon after). I think I even blogged about my first Subspace experience there, lol! Some of the interior sure are different, but the feel of the lovable coffee house hasn't changed one bit. 

Filipinos have a thing for hanging out at coffee houses, but since some cafes can get too public at times, some of us just want some "quiet time" to study and relax or hangout with friends. Subspace coffee house is a quaint coffee place in Pasig City near Robinsons Galleria. With it's intimate location and cozy design, students and artists alike love hanging out at this place to grab some "me time". 

Yesterday, after asdfghjkl years of not seeing each other, my high school barkada met up and decided to hangout here again! Most of them who study in Katipunan are already on their sembreak. As for us Taft kids, we're just glad that we had some time to spare for a little catching up to do (like a break from all the midterm stress we'll soon be having). Seeing my high school barkada again gave me the break I've been needing for the past few weeks. So what do we do? Order lots of food and have a buffet of them all of course! Friendship can be so sweet~ lolz.

Bea ordered a hot Dark Chocolate Mint and it came with this cutie! He looks like Brown bear from LINE. Super adorbs! Subspace does a lot of these cute foam art on their hot drinks. I was so tempted to buy another cup for myself! But just like Bea, I might have second thoughts about drinking it cuz they're just. so. CUTE!!

Look at all those yummy cakes~!! If we weren't on a tight budget, we'd have probably had one of everything, lolz. Clearly we don't care about diets and all that stuff. Food is just too good to care about dieting, hahaha!

They also sell cute Korean notebooks and albums aside from yummy cakes. Last time I was here, they were selling some pig rabbit plushies from the hit K-Drama "You're Beautiful".

Little quirky ornaments designing the place. It was kinda hard to take photos of some of the areas of the cafe since people were already seated down and having their coffee/cakes. I didn't wanna intrude.

I so wanted this snapback!! They had this in other colors besides this green one, but since I'm biased, I wanted specifically THAT one, lolz! (Congrats to DLSU who won the championships, btw! And to UST as well for putting up a great game! I watched the game on TV as soon as I got home from my coffee date and it was one insanely epic game! ANIMO La Salle!)

I want a corner like this at my house. And, no that laptop ain't no prop. It's not mine either, haha!

According to the baristas, those vintage pieces are an old calculator, an old cheque printer, and an old telephone (I want that telephone. It's so PINK!)

CUTIE ACTION FIGURES!! I died. If you're a true geek (and are not ashamed of it), can you name all of these guys from left to right? /:)

Cookie Butter cheesecake and cold Dark chocolate mint. Yum yum yum!!

Helloooo Doraemoooooon!

Chocolate Crepe cake goodness

Of course, there's some Red Velvet cake for us

Marshmallow cake, gosh that icing's good~

And some Blueberry and Peaches waffles ❤ Waffle > Pancakes for me

Till next time Subspace!

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  1. Wow this place looks amazing! The food looks great and I'm such a big coffee drinker so thanks so much for sharing! Great post, I love your blog, fellow pinay <3

    Btw, I liked your Facebook page! I hope you life back, dear <3


    1. Thanks Nicole! :) You should visit them when you have time :D

      Btw, what fb page? :o I don't have any current fb pages for my blog though :(


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