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10/28/2013 06:43:00 PM

In celebration of receiving 50,000 page views since I began blogging on July 2012, I have decided to let this post be a "3-in-1 outfit post" instead of my regular "onesies". Hooray~!! 

First off, I just want to say an immense thank you to all my readers for visiting my blog when you guys have time. I literally cannot believe it myself. I mean, 50,000 is such a huge number in itself, and I know that the world of blogging isn't as limited as it used to be 5 years ago, I just didn't really expect that I'd reach that many page views in just a little over a year since the birth of this blog. Nonetheless, I'm always and forever grateful to all my supporters. Haters gonna hate (I can't do anything about that except ignore them) but I choose to move on since I know that there are still people out there who support what I do. And those are the ones who matter.

Let's get started, shall we? As I said, this post will be a 3-in-1 outfit post with me wearing one of the caps I got from Eazy Fashion in 3 different styles.

I'm very open to being a fan of the K-Pop culture, and I'm an open fan of K-Pop groups (SNSD and SHINee to be exact). Who could deny their excellent taste in fashion? If the Philippines' weather would permit us to wear stuff like Koreans do, I'm pretty sure we'd be decked out every day in crazy outfits as well, lolz! But alas, we're a happy tropical country smiling through life. Even though Kang Seung Yoon's single is plastered on this cap of mine, this is as close to K-Pop as I'm gonna get for now, haha! And I personally don't mind at all. Allow me to style this lovely pleather cap my way~

Eazy Fashion cap and panda sling bag, DIY top, Terra Nova skirt (old), Converse sneakers

Outfit #1 is literally something I wore to school the day after I received this cap (although I wore a boyfriend cardigan over it so I won't violate any dress code). Something loose and chill for midterms and the heat of the country (even though it's already the end of October), and something cute to lift my spirits up a bit in case I didn't do well in my practical tests, lol! 

Eazy Fashion cap, panda bag and shoes, DIY muscle shirt, Next shorts (old)

Geeni's DIY bracelets, Eazy Fashion watch

Outfit #2 is something reminiscent of Summer. I've never been to a music festival before (gosh, shoot me now, lolz), but I heard it could get pretty intense temperature-wise (I could just imagine the heat). And with the weird weather changes we get in the Philippines... Ugh! Don't get me started. 

In any case, outfit #2 might also be something I'd wear to a themepark (how I wish I could go back to HK Disneyland or Universal Studios in SG!) Something fresh and easy to move around in. It's also been a while since I last stacked some arm candies for my photos. But with accessories as cute as these, I really couldn't resist! When I was choosing among the watches Eazy Fashion had, I had a really hard time choosing which color I wanted. I wanted all of them tbh! Candy colored indeed, and totally irresistable! They have one in red, yellow, mint green, pink, purple, black, cobalt blue and of course, white. I figured white was more flexible when it comes to outfit choices (even though they can get a little dirt-prone). They're classy and edgy depending on how you style them. I'm definitely getting me more of these soon!

Eazy Fashion cap, watch and panda bag, SM Ladies Fashion buttondown, SM Accessories necklace (old), Old Navy skirt, Forever 21 socks, FashionCookie ShoeAvenue shoes

Finally, Outfit #3 is me trying to mix Blair Waldorf with Serena van der Woodsen (with a little bit of me in it). Or maybe more on Jenny Humphrey than Serena?

Anyhoo! Totally contrasting to my previous outfits where being casual is key, I figured leather statement caps like these aren't to be limited to just casual clothes on days off. Buttondown polos, wedged mary janes and frilly skirts can look a bit "edgier" than "girly" if played with monochromes and muted tones. If you're feeling less of the "girly princess" vibes, you can swap the frilly skirt with some dark-wash skinny jeans and boots instead of wedged may janes (keeping the plain buttondown of course). Come to think of it, this last outfit can sorta-kinda-maybe-in a way pass off as something K-Pop, don't you agree (or is it just me?)

There you have it! A simple 3-in-1 outfit post with 2-3 key items worn. I hope you liked it! Snapbacks and wide-brimmed caps are totally big even in F/W 2013. The great thing about it is that even in S/S 2014, it still works! They're also great for days when you're too lazy to dress up but still would wanna make a statement (and I thank God that Dad has a bunch of them in his closet I could borrow, lol). What do you think? :)

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P.S: Thanks to Rach and Den-den for my outdoor photos! ❤

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  1. Wow!! Looking great sephie! Love the watch and the cap <3

  2. Hi! How did you do the DIY in the first picture? :)

    1. I cut off a huge part of the shirt's collar :)) Actually that was an accident since I made a mistake in measuring how much I wanted to cutt off from the shirt collar. So it ended up as an off-the-shoulder top :))

  3. I love your looks! My favorite is the last one. I'm a fan of skirts and preppy looks :))

    Please visit my blog if you have time and if you liked it, i'd be so overwhelmed if you'll follow. I'll follow you back instantly. Hope to see you on my blog. Let me know :)

    1. Thanks Cielo! :D I think the last one's my fave as well :)


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