Working Girl: I'm missing my coffee cup

9/13/2013 08:09:00 PM

Goody pins, Essenxa button down and skirt, belt from Mom (old), Matthews heels (old)

The moment Mom heard I needed to wear corporate attire for my BIZ1 defense and my thesis defense last term, I could swear her eyes got all shiny. She insisted we go shopping for some corporate wear the next time we hit the mall. I found it kinda funny how she was more excited about shopping for pencil skirts and polos that I was, like how a mom usually acts when her daughter's going to prom for the first time. I can practically see her plan of action as she moved through the racks in the store: Grab all the skirts! I want that in Grey! Don't they have this in Red? Oh that looks cute! ATTACK! ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ

Then again, I have to give it to my mom when it comes to dressing up for the office. She refuses to look tied down to typical office looks with bland colors and all that jazz. She practically scrunched up her face when I mentioned buying a simple black skirt, lolz! Apparently even though it's traditionally (un)stated that corporate = white polos + black pencil skirts, my mom and I agree that we refuse to be limited to such things unless we have no other choice (like it's a mandatory uniform or something). 

I always see Mom in colorful yet tasteful tops and bottoms when she heads for the office. Granted that people of a certain position are given more leniency with regards to their sartorial choices in their work, that just makes me happier that Mom gets to express herself nicely through the cute clothes she wears. As much as corporate wear/uniforms is not really my favorite sartorial section (I'm still afraid of looking mature), at least Mom's there to give me an extra push to dressing up for such things (and still keeping my youthful appearance). Heck, even Kenny wants to keep seeing me in corporate clothes often. (; T.T))

Looks like he'll be getting his wish this term. My BIZ2 prof is supposedly giving us bonus points when we come in class in corporate attire. Hmm, maybe I can get used to this after all?

Since I've been reading Archie's Married Life for a while now, (I just got book 3 but since book 4 isn't coming out till November this year, I'm saving it till then) maybe I can take a few fashion tips from Ms. Veronica Lodge herself when it comes to dressing up for the office? She is pretty much the style queen in the series since it started anyways. If I do end up in the office behind a desk after graduation doing paperwork and all that, I might be seen reading some Archie during my break. Hopefully my future employer's an Archie fan as well. Maybe we can swap some copies later on? Lolz. Here's to hoping!

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