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9/30/2013 09:48:00 PM

 DIY hair bow, Gap cardigan, Green Berries top (old), Glam-Rock Manila satchel, Eazy Fashion skirt, SM Store flats

Sigh~ Time to wake up! It's already the end of September. I can't believe how time flew by so fast! Pretty soon it's already Halloween, then next thing we know it's Christmas! As much as I can't wait for the holiday break, I'm also pretty anxious about it (this term is my second to the last term in my college life and I'm pretty scared yet excited for it to end already; so bitter-sweet). So much to do this term (plus the wanky weather we're having there's so much frustration in getting a good outfit shot!), I'm not sure I can blog regularly because of my schedule (and other nuances). But I will try my best to update regularly! In the meantime, you can follow me on my other social media accounts to fill in the void:

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Now back to this b(ack)log. If you have been following me on IG, then I'm sure you'd know by now that this must probably be the last time I'm wearing my hair curled and at mid-length. Yup, you read that right. I had my hair cut yesterday! Four inches of hair, totally chopped off! I feel so refreshed~ But I'll shed more light on that topic on a separate post where I can show how short my hair really is (for those of you who won't see me in school this week).

As September draws to a close, I'm slowly transitioning to darker hues and incorporating just a few bright colored clothing into my daily outfits. So this tutti fruity ensemble (that I wore on the first day of classes this term to help brighten my day -- backlog alert) will probably be the last for now, or will be one of those "once in a blue moon" kind of outfits for the months to come. We'll see!

  (.   .)o

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  1. Oh my godness, what a cute cute blog!
    Do you live in the Philippines? :)

    Love from Elle

  2. LOVE your style. :) do you buy all your cardigans from Gap? I don't know where to find great cardis, and yours are great. :)


    1. Thank you Sammie! :D Not all my cardigans are from Gap, I got some from Shopwise before :) But I do have a great number of ones from Gap in the same style, just in different colors! (investment na talaga pag ganon, haha!) Usually my 3/4 sleeved cardigans are the ones from Gap and they're thinner than the ones from Shopwise :) I got them when I went to the States last year since they were having a huge sale and I couldn't resist since they were below US$25.00! Super huge steal \:D/ Since cardigans can get pretty pricey when not marked down in stores here, you can check out cardigans in SM Store. They have some in the knit-wear section for less than 1k :)

    2. Oh, thank you Ms. Sephie! :D I just couldn't help noticing your cardigans in your posts. Plus, you chose really great colors. Hahaha :D thanks again! :D

    3. I suggest getting neutral colors like black, gray, white and cream/beige since it's easier to pair them up with other pieces of clothing :) You can get bright colored ones too if you want to stand out more :D


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